How to print mailing labels or envelopes for a list of Contacts on Mac

Contacts Print Mailing Labels on Mac

So many things that used to be done physically are done digitally now. And sending out cards, announcements, or invitations is one of them. But if you want to stick to tradition and postal mail these types of things to friends and family, Contacts on Mac makes it easy.

Need invitations to a party, shower, or wedding, announcements for an engagement or new baby, or cards to wish everyone happy holidays? We’ll show you how to print mailing labels, envelopes, or a mailing list from your Contacts app.

How to use tiered numbers and letters for lists in Pages

Tiered List in Pages on Mac

Apple gives us many ways to customize lists in Pages. You can use letters, numbers, bullets, dashes, and images. And if the list in your document is a lengthy one with many items and subitems, it can actually get confusing if you don’t structure and label it well.

One important feature you can use with lettered and numbered lists is called a Tiered list. This can help you or your reader follow your list more clearly. So for your next multilevel list in Pages, here’s how to use a tiered list on Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

How to view, save, and print a list of installed apps on Mac

Mac apps showing beautifully as icons in Finder

Maybe you’re buying a new computer, want to downgrade, need to reinstall macOS, or are working on troubleshooting an issue. For whatever reason you have, you may want a list of all applications installed on your Mac.

There are a few ways to get a list of apps, depending on what you really need. You can get a simple list of installed applications, those you downloaded from the App Store, and even a list of absolutely everything with the APP extension, including the paths. Here, we’ll show you various ways to get a list of applications installed on your Mac. And as a bonus, we’ll show you how to save and print that list too.

How to keep track of books you want to read in Apple Books

Want to Read in Books on iPhone

Do you get recommendations for books from friends? Do you often come across a book that looks good while browsing the Books Store? Would you like to start reading the next book in a series when you finish your current one? It can be just as easy to forget the books you want to read as the movies you want to watch.

Luckily, the Apple Books app gives you a way to keep track of Books you want to read. Then when you’re ready to start a new story, just review your list and pick one.

How to automatically sort completed items in Notes checklists

Checklists in the Notes app on iPhone

The Notes app is a terrific tool that you can sync with your iOS device and your Mac. One useful feature is the ability to create checklists. This makes Notes handy for to-dos, shopping lists, project tasks, gift lists, and more.

Along with the checklist feature is a convenient setting. You can automatically sort completed items in your Notes checklists. So whenever you check the circle to cross an item off your list, it moves right to the bottom. This is helpful for seeing your remaining items at the top of the checklist, waiting for you to complete them.

Here’s how to enable the automatic sorting for Notes checklists on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

How to use Health Checklist for iPhone and Apple Watch

Health Checklist iPhone on Desk

With some terrific updates to the Health app with iOS 14 for sleep mode and hearing health comes one of the handiest new features. The Health Checklist gives you an easy way to see which settings you have enabled for iPhone and Apple Watch and turn them on or off all in one convenient spot.

To make sure you are using the health features that matter most for you, here’s how to use the Health Checklist on iPhone.

How to use Lists in Google Maps on iPhone and iPad

Saved Google Maps Lists iPhone

Like saving locations you enjoy in Apple Maps, you can hold onto your favorite spots in Google Maps too. And with the List feature, you can take advantage of pre-made lists, create your own, share them with friends, publish them for other Google Maps users, and more.

For using Google Maps to its fullest on iPhone and iPad, we’ll show you how to use Lists along with helpful tips.

How to personalize lists in Reminders with emojis and symbols

Emojis in Reminders Lists iPad

With iOS 13, Apple made many improvements to Reminders including the ability to personalize lists. This allowed users to add colored icons to make lists easier to spot and organize. So with iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and even macOS Big Sur, Apple made another improvement to the appearance options for Reminders.

No longer are you limited to the 60 or so icons provided for your lists. You can select from additional symbols as well as any emoji on your keyboard. Here are your latest options for personalizing lists in Reminders with emojis and symbols on iOS and Mac.

How to assign Reminders in shared lists on iPhone and iPad

Edit Reminder Assignment iPad

The Reminders app has given users the ability to share lists for some time now. And while sharing a list that you can work on with a coworker or family member is handy, something’s been missing. As of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, you can assign reminders to other people.

This is an excellent enhancement to the Reminders app for those who work with others to complete tasks, to-dos, and projects of all sizes. So, open Reminders to your honey-do or business-related list; this tutorial shows you how to assign reminders with shared lists.

How to edit multiple Reminders at once on iPhone and iPad

Selected Reminders Complete or Flag iPad

When using Reminders, has there been a time when you wanted to update more than one item at a time? You may have wanted to apply a due date, add a flag, or mark off several reminders at once. Sure, you could do it one-by-one, but that’s a bit tedious and time consuming.

With iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, Apple brought the ability to edit multiple reminders at the same time. This is a wonderful feature that gives you the flexibility for the changes you want to make. So that you’re ready to make those changes, this how-to shows you how to edit several reminders in one fell swoop.

How to organize Smart Lists in Reminders on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Rearranged Smart Lists in Reminders iPad

The Reminders app received a huge overhaul in 2019 that brought a redesign and terrific enhancements. And with iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and macOS Big Sur the app got a few more features to add to the list. One such feature is the ability to organize the Smart Lists.

Maybe you don’t like the arrangement of your Smart Lists. Or maybe you have one or two you don’t even use.  You can rearrange and hide Smart Lists to make the Reminders app work better for you. Here’s how to organize Smart Lists in Reminders on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.