How to automatically sort completed items in Notes checklists

The Notes app is a terrific tool that you can sync with your iOS device and your Mac. One useful feature is the ability to create checklists. This makes Notes handy for to-dos, shopping lists, project tasks, gift lists, and more.

Along with checklist feature is a convenient setting. You can automatically sort completed items in your Notes checklists. So whenever you check the circle to cross an item off your list, it moves right to the bottom. This is helpful for seeing your remaining items at the top of the checklist, waiting for you to complete them.

Here’s how to enable the automatic sorting for Notes checklists on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Automatic sorting in Notes on iPhone and iPad

To enable automatic sorting for Notes on iOS, you’ll head to the Settings app and pick Notes.

1) In the Notes settings, tap Sort Checked Items.

2) Select Automatically.

3) Tap the Notes arrow at the top to exit.

Settings, Notes, Sort Checked Items on iPhone

Although you may sync your Notes between iPhone, iPad, and Mac, this setting is device-specific. So you can use automatic sorting on iPhone but sort manually on iPad or Mac if you like.

Automatic sorting in Notes on Mac

On your Mac, you’ll open the Notes app and its Preferences to enable automatic sorting.

In Notes, click Notes > Preferences from the menu bar. Then, tick the box for Automatically sort checked items.

Preferences, Notes, Automatically Sort Checked Items on Mac

Close the Notes Preferences and give it a test!

Since the setting is a simple checkbox, you can always turn it off later if you prefer to see your checklist items in the order you place them.

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Wrapping it up

Moving items you complete in a checklist to the bottom keeps those you still need to do right at the top. This helps you see them clearly and not mixed in with those already done and out of the way. So enabling Notes to automatically sort completed items is a useful setting.

Have you started using Notes for checklists? What do you use them for; shopping, tasks, or something else? Share your thoughts!

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