How to automatically play, loop, or restart a slideshow in Keynote

Presentation Type in Keynote on iPhone

When you’re presenting a slideshow, the last thing you need to worry about is actually playing it. That should be the easiest part. Keynote offers a few simple ways to play your slideshow automatically. You can set it to start, loop, and restart without lifting a finger. This is handy for presentations that you want to play continually in a waiting room, conference room, or trade show.

Here, we’ll show you how to set up your Keynote slideshow to do just that - automatically play, loop, and restart.

How to apply conditional highlighting (formatting) in Numbers

How to use Conditional Highlighting like a pro in the Numbers app on Mac and iOS

If you’ve ever seen or used Conditional Formatting in Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers offers the same type of feature. While labeled Conditional Highlighting, the feature works the same way. Based on the rules you set up, cells in your sheet will automatically format a certain way.

So if you want all dollar values above a specific amount, dates between a certain range, or cells with missing data to appear highlighted, this is the feature you’ll use. Once you set up the conditions to look for, your sheet takes over to automatically format the data you specify.

This can be an extremely easy way to call out particular data or even locate errors in your spreadsheet. And because of the flexibility, the possibilities are almost endless for what you can automatically highlight. Here, we’ll show you how to apply conditional highlighting in Numbers on Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

How to automatically sort completed items in Notes checklists

Checklists in the Notes app on iPhone

The Notes app is a terrific tool that you can sync with your iOS device and your Mac. One useful feature is the ability to create checklists. This makes Notes handy for to-dos, shopping lists, project tasks, gift lists, and more.

Along with the checklist feature is a convenient setting. You can automatically sort completed items in your Notes checklists. So whenever you check the circle to cross an item off your list, it moves right to the bottom. This is helpful for seeing your remaining items at the top of the checklist, waiting for you to complete them.

Here’s how to enable the automatic sorting for Notes checklists on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Check out these 9 new Apple TV features in tvOS 14

Apple yesterday released the tvOS 14 software update that brings new capabilities and feature enhancements to the company’s Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K digital media players. Some of the big ones you’ve already heard about, such as an expanded Picture in Picture feature and multiuser support for Apple Arcade. With the media's attention focused on the headline-grabbing improvements in iOS 14, we thought you might also want to learn about everything new in tvOS 14 so here it goes...

How to enable Autoplay in the Music app on iPhone and iPad

Autoplay Playing Next iPad

You don’t have to be a music lover to enjoy the Autoplay feature in the Music app. Enabling the continuous play feature in Music takes only a tap. And when you hit the end of a song or playlist, similar music will continue to play. Keep the party going, the dance steps moving, or yourself grooving. Here’s how to enable and use Autoplay in the Music app.

How to turn off Autoplay on Spotify on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Listen Spotify Home tab iPhone

If you sit down and prepare to listen to non-stop music, then the Autoplay feature in Spotify might be one that you enjoy. But on the other hand, maybe you’re not interested in continuous songs or what Spotify suggests to you. In this case, you can disable the feature. Here’s how to stop Spotify Autoplay on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

How to schedule automatic payments for your Apple Card

Schedule Automatic Payments for Apple Card

If you’re someone who tends to forget when it’s time to pay a bill, then the scheduled payment feature for Apple Card is for you. By scheduling your payments, you don’t have to worry about making them manually. Each month, you can have automatic payments made for specific amounts or the balance on your Apple Card.

This tutorial walks you through scheduling automatic payments for your Apple Card.

How to stop your iPhone from changing time zones

Set Time Manually on iPhone

If you would prefer to have control over the time settings on your iPhone, you can do this easily. It’s especially useful to stop your iPhone from changing time zones on you.

Just keep in mind that adjusting the settings to control the time manually means that you’ll need to remember time changes when you’re traveling. And you may see an alert to update your time when daylight savings time rolls around.

Here’s how to stop your iPhone from automatically changing time zones.