Automatic debuts new vehicle adapter and developer SDK

Automatic, the makers of the adapter that allows cars to talk to smartphones, debuted new hardware and third-party app support on Tuesday. The new hardware comes in the form of a second-gen Automatic adapter that supports real-time data, and third-party app support in the form of a new SDK.

More specifically, the new adapter supports dual Bluetooth data streams: one to the Automatic mobile app and one to a third-party app. This allows both apps to receive data from the adapter simultaneously over an encrypted Bluetooth connection. It also features built-in GPS, and MFi certification.

Smart driving assistant Automatic now connects your car and home with Nest

First preview at CES 2015 a week ago, Automatic, makers of the popular connected car adapter, today officially announced a new feature to connect your car and home with Nest, the smart thermostat from Google.

The integration enables communication between your car and home through intelligently chosen rules that give the Nest thermostat a more timely understanding of when heating or cooling is needed and more importantly, when it’s not.

Automatic’s software update just turned your car into an iBeacon

Automatic’s app-enabled smart driving assistant is genius. The $99.95 accessory connects to the mobile app to not only give you driving feedback and crash alerts, but also help diagnose check engine codes and lots more – because “small changes in your driving behavior can lead to huge savings over time”.

And with the latest software update, every Automatic on the road has just became an iBeacon.

iBeacon, as you know, is Apple’s Bluetooth 4.0-based micro-positioning wireless standard. The new software opens the door to some pretty exciting possibilities, stuff like auto-payments for parking or gas fill-ups, for example…