How to schedule automatic payments for your Apple Card

Schedule Automatic Payments for Apple Card

If you’re someone who tends to forget when it’s time to pay a bill, then the scheduled payment feature for Apple Card is for you. By scheduling your payments, you don’t have to worry about making them manually. Each month, you can have automatic payments made for specific amounts or the balance on your Apple Card.

This tutorial walks you through scheduling automatic payments for your Apple Card.

Open Apple Card settings

You can set up the scheduled payments using either the Wallet or Settings app.

Apple Card options in Wallet

1) Open the Wallet app and select your Apple Card.

2) Tap the More (three-dot icon) button on the top right.


Apple Card options in Settings

1) Open the Settings app and pick Wallet & Apple Pay.

2) Tap Apple Card.

Set up automatic scheduled payments

Once you have the settings open for your Apple Card, just follow these steps to set up automatic payments.

1) Tap Scheduled Payments and hit Continue.

Setup Scheduled Payments for Apple Card

2) Pick a payment type. You can choose to Pay My Bill which will pay your monthly balance and help to avoid interest charges. Or, you can choose Pay Different Amount and pay what you want. Make your choice and tap Next.

Payment Type for Apple Card

3) Pick a payment date. You can select When Payment Is Due for a payment on the last day of the month. Or, you can select Choose Day and pick the date you want to pay each month. Make your choice and tap Next.

Payment Date for Apple Card

4) If you have more than one card that you can pay with, tap to select the card you want. Then tap Pay with Passcode or confirm with Touch ID or Face ID.

5) You should see a message saying Setup Complete. Tap Done.

Setup Complete for Apple Card

Now when you look at the options for your Apple Card, you’ll see that automatic scheduled payment.

Cancel scheduled payments

If you decide to stop the automatic scheduled payments, just open your Apple Card settings, tap that scheduled payment, and then choose Cancel Payments. Tap Cancel Payments to confirm.

Cancel Scheduled Payments for Apple Card

Wrapping it up

The ability to schedule automatic payments is a helpful feature, especially if you forget when that payment due date rolls around. And you’ll receive notifications before and after your scheduled payment is made so you can keep track of your funds.

Are you going to set up automatic payments for your Apple Card?