How to use tiered numbers and letters for lists in Pages

Apple gives us many ways to customize lists in Pages. You can use letters, numbers, bullets, dashes, and images. And if the list in your document is a lengthy one with many items and subitems, it can actually get confusing if you don’t structure and label it well.

One important feature you can use with lettered and numbered lists is called a Tiered list. This can help you or your reader follow your list more clearly. So for your next multilevel list in Pages, here’s how to use a tiered list on Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

Tiered lists in Pages

What is a tiered list in Pages?

A tiered list lets you create a hierarchical structure for lists with many levels. And if you have a lot of text for each list item, a tiered list can help you keep your place as you move through it. Here’s how it works.

With each indent for a list item, that item retains its parent label and adds another as its identifier. You can see in the screenshot below a regular lettered list compared to a tiered letter list.

Standard and Tiered Lists in Pages

As you can see with a standard lettered list, Apples and Red are both labeled with A even though Red is a sub-item of Apples.

Using a tiered list, each sub-item of Apples begins with A but then includes its identifier. So Red is A.A, Green is A.B, and Yellow is A.C.

Any sub-items of those sub-items work the same way as you can see in the screenshot below. Any sub-items of Red begin with A.A and then include their own identifier. So Peeled is A.A.A and Unpeeled is A.A.B.

Tiered Lists in Pages

This is a very basic example. So if you have many list items and want to use a multilevel structure, tiered lists give you a good way to do it. And now that you have a better understanding of what a tiered list is, we’ll show you how easy it is to create one.

Use a tiered list on Mac

Whether you have an existing list or are starting a new list, making it tiered is nothing more than a check mark.

For an existing list, drag your cursor through to select the entire list. For a new list, you can select Lettered, Numbered, or Harvard for the style as described below.

1) Click the Format button on the top right to open the sidebar.

2) Select the Style tab near the top of the sidebar.

3) Click to expand Bullets & Lists if necessary and for a new list, choose the style in the drop-down to the right.

4) Check the box for Tiered Numbers.

Create a Tiered List in Pages on Mac

You’ll see your existing list update to include the tiered structure. And for new lists, you’ll see this applied automatically as you add items and sub-items to your list.

Use a tiered list on iPhone and iPad

To use a tiered list in Pages on iPhone and iPad, you can apply the feature at the same time you select the list style.

1) Tap the spot where you want to begin your list or select all of the text for an existing list.

2) Tap Format (paintbrush icon) at the top.

3) Move down to and select Bullets & Lists.

4) Next to the list style, tap the Info icon.

5) Enable the toggle for Tiered Numbers.

6) Tap to go Back or close the Format window.

Create a Tiered List in Pages on iPhone

Wrapping it up

The next time you use a lengthy lettered or numbered list in your Pages document consider making it tiered. You’ll never lose your spot in a list with this feature because you can always find the parent easily.

What do you think about the options for lists in Pages?