How to customize lists in Pages on iPhone and iPad

When you work with Pages on your iPhone or iPad, the most convenient features need to be there just like they are when you work with Pages on your Mac. And luckily, Apple is adding more to Pages for iOS all the time.

With a recent update, you can now create custom bullets, choose from new bullet styles, and make your lists in Pages more attractive. Here’s how to customize lists in Pages on iPhone and iPad.

Customize Lists Pages iOS

Create custom bullets for lists

First, make sure that you’re using the latest version of Pages for your device. Open the document you want to edit or create a new one with your list.

To apply a list style, select the text and tap the Format button on the top. In the bottom menu that appears, tap Bullets & Lists and select your style.

Create List Pages iPhone

To customize the bullets, tap the Information icon next to the style you want to change. You’ll find the following options, which vary depending on the type of list you pick:

  • Indent > Bullet: Adjust the bullet indent.
  • Indent > Text: Adjust the text-indent.
  • List type: Choose from No Bullets, Text Bullets, Image Bullets, or Numbers.
  • Text Bullet: Depending on what you choose for List type (above), this will display in correspondence.
  • Color: Choose the desired color for bullet lists.
  • Size: Adjust the size of the bullet.
  • Align: Adjust the alignment of the bullets.
Custom Bullet Settings Pages iPhone

All of the above settings are pretty simple, but the bullet you pick for the List type is the fun one. For instance, if you pick Image Bullets for the List type, you can select from a variety of built-in images or one from your device to use as bullets.

1) For List Type, choose Image Bullets.

2) Tap the Edit List Style arrow to go back.

3) Select Image Bullet.

4) Choose one of the images or tap Custom Bullet to pick one from your device or snap a quick photo with your camera.

Custom Image Bullets Pages iPhone

Go through the same process to add an emoji or special character from your keyboard as a Text Bullet.

Custom Text Bullets Pages iPhone

Using Pages on your iPhone or iPad is convenient for working on the go. And with new features like customizable lists, you can create the exact document you need.

Are you going to take advantage of this feature and customize lists in Pages on iPhone or iPad? Let us know what you think of this feature!

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