Everything you need to know about using widgets on your iPhone Lock Screen

Three iPhone mockups showing different widgets on the Lock Screen in iOS 16

One of the fascinating new features of iOS 16 is the ability to add small widgets to your iPhone Lock Screen. Once added, they let you see the battery status, weather conditions, stock performance, alarms, reminders, news snippets, calendar events, fitness stats, Home accessories, and more. Even third-party apps can make widgets for the Lock Screen.

This tutorial will show you how to add, customize, and remove widgets from the Lock Screen. We will also go over several other tidbits, such as widget limits, alignment, and placement.

How to customize the Lock Screen battery widget on iPhone in iOS 16

Customize Lock Screen Batteries widget on iPhone running iOS 16

iOS 16 supports widgets on the Lock Screen. And the battery widget is one of the most popular ones that people add to their Lock Screen.

In this tutorial, we show you how to customize the Lock Screen batteries widget and set it to always display the battery level of the device you want - be it your iPhone or your Apple Watch, AirPods, etc.

How to hide, show, and move apps in Apple CarPlay

CarPlay screen with third-party apps

Are you seeing multiple pages of apps on your CarPlay screen and wish to customize them? For example, you may want to remove some unnecessary apps from CarPlay, add some helpful ones to it, or change the order of app placement on your car’s infotainment display.

In this tutorial, we show you how to show, hide, and rearrange your apps in CarPlay.

How to always show only open apps in your Mac Dock

Mac Dock in three sizes with first image showing all apps, second one showing just open apps, and the last one showing only Finder and Trash icons

You have most likely already customized your Mac’s Dock with applications you use daily. However, if you feel that your Dock is cluttered and takes a lot of space, you can customize it from System Preferences to decrease its size. Alternatively, you can even set your Mac’s Dock only to show open, running apps!

Getting your Mac Dock to show only running apps will significantly tidy it up. And whenever you restart your Mac, you will be greeted with a tiny Dock that just has the Finder and Trash icons.