How to customize the color, font, and script of the Lock Screen clock on iPhone

You glance at the time, date, day, and month on the iPhone Lock Screen several times daily. Therefore, styling it with your favorite color and font will go a long way in personalizing your iPhone.

In this post, we will show you how to change the color, font, and even the script for the clock on the Lock Screen of your iPhone in iOS 16.

Three iPhone mockups showing iOS 16 Lock Screen with different clock styles

Customize how time and date look on your iPhone Lock Screen

1) Wake up your iPhone and make sure it’s unlocked. After that, tap and hold the Lock Screen to enter editing mode.

2) Now, tap Customize.

Tap and hold to customize iPhone Lock Screen

3) Tap the clock area, and a Font & Color pane will slide up from the bottom of the screen.

4) Pick a different font style.

You can also tap the globe button to see fonts from different scripts. For example, you can choose from Arabic (most common around the world), Arabic Indic (used in the regions east of the Arab world like Egypt, UAE, Oman, etc.), or Devanagari (meaning divine city’s script, used in India and adjoining areas.)

Change clock font and script for iPhone Lock Screen

Note: You can only adjust the clock’s font. The font for the day, month, and date can’t be altered.

5) After you finish selecting the font type, we can move our attention to color. Your iPhone takes into account the appearance of your wallpaper and automatically sets the clock’s look to a color it thinks is best. But you can use a different shade by selecting the desired colored dot and adjusting its saturation using the slider.

To choose from millions of colors, swipe left to the end and tap the last dot. From here, you can use the various options to set the perfect color you want. One super useful tool here is the color picker. Tap its icon from the top left and then drag its selector over a part of your wallpaper. It will recognize that color and set it as the clock color.

Customize clock color for Lock Screen on iPhone

Note: The color you pick for your clock will also apply to the day, month, and date indicator that sits above the time.

6) With everything done, tap X > Done > Set as Wallpaper Pair.

You have successfully changed the color, font, and style of the clock on your iPhone Lock Screen. To make further revisions, follow the same steps mentioned above. And if you have added multiple Lock Screens, you can customize the clock style for all of them.

iPhone Lock Screen with personalized time, day, date, and month

Tips for your iPhone Lock Screen: