Popular Morfic wallpaper customization app goes free in the App Store following successful launch

Just last week, we showed you a brilliant app called Morfic for customizing your iPhone’s wallpaper experience in unique new ways.

Morfic is a new wallpaper customization app for iPhone.

Originally set at $2.99 in the App Store, this app allowed users to choose from a library of wallpapers in the app and then customize the elements they were comprised of before ultimately applying them to their device.

Forms of customization included changing the opacity or color of certain elements, adding features to accentuate the Lock Screen’s widgets in iOS 16, and more.

Customize various wallpaper parameters with Morfic.

In an announcement Tweet shared Thursday afternoon, we learn that Morfic is lowering its paywall to become a free app. This means that more people will be able to enjoy the app than ever before.

Morfic Twitter account announced the app going free following a successful app launch.

From what we can gather, the decision to make Morfic free stems from the fact that the app launch was a full success. The developer clearly had a goal in mind when raising money from sales, and thanks to its positive reception, crushed that goal.

The developer has said that the plan is to be 100% free for a month or so before adopting an ad-based experience. The developer promises that the ads won’t be annoying or interruptive of the user experience.

There may be a slight delay before the free price tag goes live in the App Store, but it’s worth keeping an eye on if you were on the fence about trying the app before it went free.

Getting ahold of Morfic for yourself is as simple as visiting the App Store; no jailbreak required.

Do you plan to try Morfic on your iPhone now that it’s free to download? Let us know in the comments section down below.