Level up your iPhone’s wallpaper aesthetics with the new Morfic app

Rocketing into the top 5 of the App Store’s Utilities app genre as of late is a new app dubbed Morfic by Brendan Torpey.

Morfic is a new wallpaper customization app for iPhone.
Morfic banner created by @iTechExpert21 for @darkhueapp.

Morfic is unique because it can take your iPhone’s Lock Screen design to a new level by offering customizable wallpapers. The things you can change and modify in these wallpapers is as incredible as it is extensive, and it can give your handset the personalized look you may have wanted for so long.

While Morfic is an App Store app, the levels of customization you’ll find inside can make your Lock Screen look and feel like it belongs on a jailbroken handset. But don’t be fooled – Morfic doesn’t require a jailbreak to use, and it uses just a little smoke and mirrors to make your Lock Screen look more brilliant than it did when setting an ordinary wallpaper.

After you open Morfic for the first time, you’ll find a library of sleek and fully customizable wallpaper images to pick from. You’ll notice that they’re very vibrant, and these colors look amazing on any OLED display-equipped device. Simply choose the wallpaper that’s right for you, and you can mess around with it afterward:

Wallpapers you can choose from in the Morfic app for iPhone.

Upon choosing a wallpaper image from the provided library, you can navigate through different parameters that are unique to each wallpaper:

Customize various wallpaper parameters with Morfic.

As you can see, each wallpaper has its own unique options that pertain to the individual elements in that wallpaper. For example, the planet wallpaper lets you customize the planet’s four individual colors, while the sunset wallpaper lets you move the Sun around and customize the sky gradient colors and even colorize the Sun and/or eclipsing mountain however you want.

After setting the options to your heart’s content, you can then move on to customize things such as the Lock Screen’s widget area, the surrounding border, and more.

Customizing the Lock Screen's widget area with Morfic.

In the first tab, you can customize Lock Screen widget border-related things such as:

  • The primary color
  • The secondary color
  • The width
  • The height
  • The X coordinate (left/right shift)
  • The Y Coordinate (up/down shift)
  • The corner radius (roundness)
  • The shadow
  • Move between complex and minimal border (by swiping left/right)
  • And more…

You can use these options to make the Lock Screen’s widget section pop against your wallpaper image. Whether you like the widget section to be subtler or screaming with colors, you can configure this to your liking.

Configuring wallpaper bezel options in Morfic.

In the second tab, you can customize the border of the Lock Screen itself in the following ways:

  • Choose a primary color
  • Choose a secondary color
  • Pick your device so it matches up correctly:
    • iPhone 14 series device
    • Thin-bezel device (such as iPhone 12 or 13 series)
    • Thick-bezel device (such as iPhone X, XS, XR, or 11 series)

This border kisses the edges of your display and wraps around every corner, which looks great with the right setup.

Dock settings for Morfic app wallpapers.

In the third tab, users can add a Dock background (for the Home Screen) if they want, and configure the following options as they see fit:

  • The color of the Dock background
  • The style of the Dock background (swipe left and right to reveal different styles)

With these, you can apply the same custom wallpaper to your Home Screen and ensure that it looks just as incredible there as it does on the Lock Screen.

The final tab in the Morfic app simply links users to some tutorial videos for adding layers and making the wallpaper change based on the time of day or battery percentage, so users won’t find any options to configure there.

After you make all the changes you want to your wallpaper via Morfic, you can save it to your Photo Library and apply it by using iOS 16’s new wallpaper customization interface. The new customization options there, including widgets and custom Lock Screen fonts and font colors, look and work fabulously with Morfic’s capabilities.

While Morfic provides the tools to create a wallpaper that will look and feel obnoxiously good on your Home and Lock Screens, it’s worth noting that you will have to play with the options yourself to find the best result; this means coping with trial and error as you find what looks good.

Notably, Morfic is limited to what it can do because it’s an App Store app and not a jailbreak tweak, but those who can think outside of the box can make even a limited environment look and feel special by putting their creative minds to work.

If you’re interested in trying Morfic for yourself, then you can acquire it for a one-time purchase 0f $2.99 from the App Store. The app doesn’t have any hidden in-app purchases to surprise you later on.