How to format and customize lists in Pages, Numbers and Keynote

Format Customize Lists Pages Mac

If you use Pages, Numbers, or Keynote to create documents, spreadsheets, and slideshows, you may want to add a list. You might want to use an ordered list with letters or numbers. Or, you may want a bulleted list that uses dots or dashes.

Lucky for you, you can format lists in these three apps pretty much anyway you want. And you can customize more options than you might realize.

For your next list, here’s how to format and customize it in Pages, Numbers, and Keynote on Mac and iOS.

How to see which Twitter lists you’ve been added to

Twitter Lists Youre On iPhone

We’ve shown you how to create your own Twitter lists which are curations of accounts you follow. But have you ever wondered if anyone created a Twitter list and added you to it?

It could be a list of musicians, bloggers, influencers, parents, or just about anything that you’re involved with and show an interest in on Twitter. If you’re curious, here’s how to see which Twitter lists you’ve been added to on iOS, Mac, and the Twitter website.

How to quickly create subtasks or indent list items in Notes on iOS

Notes Indent Outdent iPhone

If you use the Notes app on your iPhone or iPad, then you probably already know that it’s a convenient app for making lists. You can make numbered or bulleted lists for shopping, to-dos, or whatever you need.

The nice thing about creating lists in Notes is that you can indent your list items. This is terrific for creating subtasks or nested lists. And while indenting list items isn’t a difficult task, we have a tip that will make it even easier.

Here’s how to quickly indent list items in Notes on iPhone and iPad.

How to pin a list on Twitter on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Pinned Lists Home Timeline Twitter Mac

If you take advantage of the List feature on Twitter, then knowing how to pin your lists is quite useful. Once you pin a list, it will appear as another tab on your Twitter Home timeline. So, with a click or a tap, you can jump to that list quickly.

This tutorial shows you how to pin Twitter lists on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

The best free task and to-do list apps for Mac

Mac task list apps - TickTick Blue

When it comes to getting things done at work or at home, you may need to keep track of all your tasks. There are some terrific task list apps for iPhone as well as great to-do lists for Apple Watch. But what about Mac?

Here we’re going to show you several of the best free task and to-do lists apps for Mac. So whether you’re looking to replace your current one or plan to start fresh, you’ll stay on task with these apps for Mac.

The best free Mac apps for creating outlines

Free Outline Apps for Mac - WorkFlowy

If you need to create outlines for business or for school, you can certainly use Notes or even Pages on your Mac. But setting those apps up for outlines can take a little time. So why not try a tool that’s built specifically for outlines.

The Mac App Store has some terrific apps with extensive features like OmniOutliner, TaskPaper, and Outline. They offer great features, but with a price tag.

Trying a free Mac app for creating outlines is the best first step. After all, you may find that the free app has exactly what you need, so you can save a few bucks. And if it doesn’t, you’ll know exactly which features you do need and can opt for a paid version of that free app or at least know what to look for in a different app.

Here are a few of the best free Mac outline apps to get you started.

How to work with tables and lists in TextEdit on Mac

TextEdit Tables Lists Mac

TextEdit on Mac is a nice and easy tool for creating plain or rich text documents. And it’s handy if you want to create a table for an email or list in outline format. Using rich text in TextEdit, inserting tables and lists is simple, plus you have flexible options.

Here’s how to work with tables and lists in TextEdit on your Mac.

How to use the redesigned Reminders app on Mac

Reminders Redesigned Mac Catalina

With the macOS Catalina update, users received new apps like Music, TV, and Podcasts along with updates to others like Notes and Mail. The Reminders app also got an update to its appearance and functionality that many have been waiting for.

Enhancements like subtasks and Messages integration, that can increase your productivity both at work and at home, are now part of the package.

Let’s take a look at all of the new features and how to use them in the redesigned Reminders app on Mac.

How to customize the list appearance in Reminders on Mac

Reminders Mac Change Colors Icons

The revamped and redesigned Reminders app on Mac has some terrific new features as of macOS Catalina. Just like on the latest iOS, you can add subtasks, group lists, and integrate with Messages. Along with these useful options, you can change the appearance of your lists.

While the look and feel may not be a huge deal, it can help you to organize your lists better to see what you need at a glance. Whether with color, an icon, or both, here’s how to customize the list appearance in Reminders on Mac.

How to use the overhauled Reminders app on iOS

Reminders iOS 13 iPhone

With so many cool updates to apps like Safari, Photos, and Files with iOS 13, Apple gave the Reminders app a nice facelift as well. Along with an improved look is enhanced functionality that is long overdue.

So, what’s new in Reminders? Let’s explore the new features and how to use this overhauled Reminders app on iOS.