How to edit multiple Reminders at once on iPhone and iPad

Selected Reminders Complete or Flag iPad

When using Reminders, has there been a time when you wanted to update more than one item at a time? You may have wanted to apply a due date, add a flag, or mark off several reminders at once. Sure, you could do it one-by-one, but that’s a bit tedious and time consuming.

With iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, Apple brought the ability to edit multiple reminders at the same time. This is a wonderful feature that gives you the flexibility for the changes you want to make. So that you’re ready to make those changes, this how-to shows you how to edit several reminders in one fell swoop.

Edit multiple reminders at once

If you’ve moved or deleted several reminders at the same time in the past, you’ll follow the same process, still have those two options, but now have more edits available to you.

1) Select the list containing the reminders you want to edit.

2) Tap the More icon (three dots) on the top right and pick Select Reminders.

3) Mark a check next to each item you want to change.

You’ll then see your available options along the bottom.

Select Reminders to Edit iPad

From left to right, here are the edits you can make:

Date and Time: You can set or adjust the due date and optionally a due time for the reminders. You can also make them all repeat or remove the due date and time completely. Be sure to tap Apply after changing the date and/or time.

Move: Like before the update, you can move the selected Reminders to a different list.

Delete: Also like before, you can delete all marked reminders at once.

More: You can mark all reminders as complete or apply a flag to them all. For shared lists, you’ll also notice an Assign option here which lets you assign several tasks to someone quickly.

Edit Multiple Reminders iPad

Wrapping it up

Being able to edit multiple reminders at the same time is a handy feature. And it’s especially convenient when you want to mark many items as complete.

What do you think of the feature for editing reminders in bulk? Is it a feature you’ve been waiting for in Reminders on iOS?