How to create Twitter lists on iPhone, iPad, Mac and the web

Learn how to create Twitter lists on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and the web to curate your favorite accounts, and stay updated with the content that matters most to you.

Twitter List pinned at the top of the X app on iPhone

What are Twitter lists?

Twitter List is a group of accounts you have assembled together. It can consist of accounts you follow as well as those you don’t follow (as long as that account is not private). And when you access a List, you’ll only see the tweets from those accounts you added to it.

This is handy in many situations. You can create a List of your favorite music artists, news sources, bloggers, television personalities, etc. Then, rather than weed through your Twitter feed to see tweets from them, you can simply select the List to view them.

You can make your lists public or keep them private. If you make a public list, other Twitter users can subscribe to it. This also means that you can subscribe to Lists created by others, which is a great way to stay up to date on tweets from accounts that interest you because those Lists are already curated.

And finally, the For you tab in the X app can be a mess, showing you posts from people whom you don’t even follow! You can create a List of all accounts you follow to just see posts from them!

Note: You only need to create a List on one device, and it will show everywhere you use Twitter.

How to create a Twitter List

1) Visit Twitter:

2) Go to Twitter List:

  • On iPhone: Tap your profile photo and select Lists.
  • On iPad and Mac: Hit the Lists icon in the left-hand menu. It’s just above your profile photo.
  • In a web browser: Click Lists from the left side.
Go to Twitter Lists on iPhone, iPad, Mac and web browser

3) Tap the new List icon:

  • On iPhone: It’s on the bottom right.
  • On iPad and Mac: You will find it in the top left.
  • In a web browser: It’s on the right of the top Search Lists bar.
Create a Twitter List on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and web browser

4) Give your List a Name, optionally enter a Description, add a featured image, and turn on the toggle if you want to keep the List Private. With all that done, tap Create. If you’re in a computer browser, hit Next.

5) Now, start adding accounts to your List by picking from the suggestions or using the search box at the top. Just tap Add next to an account to add it. As you add accounts, you’ll see them at the bottom. Hit Done after you finish.

Finish creating your Twitter List
Creating a List and adding members to it in the X app on iPhone. The steps for iPad, Mac, and web browser are similar.

You’ll be directed right to your List. You can browse through the tweets, select a specific account, see the members you added, or edit the List. You can also pin a Twitter List so that it appears on the main Twitter home screen (like what you see in the first image of this tutorial).

Manage your Twitter List

1) Go back to the Lists screen and select a List.

2) From here, tap Edit List.

3) Next, you can change the List name, description, and image. You can also tap Manage members and remove them from the List or delete the List entirely.

Manage your Twitter List

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