The best free Mac apps for creating outlines

Free Outline Apps for Mac - WorkFlowy

If you need to create outlines for business or for school, you can certainly use Notes or even Pages on your Mac. But setting those apps up for outlines can take a little time. So why not try a tool that’s built specifically for outlines.

The Mac App Store has some terrific apps with extensive features like OmniOutliner, TaskPaper, and Outline. They offer great features, but with a price tag.

Trying a free Mac app for creating outlines is the best first step. After all, you may find that the free app has exactly what you need, so you can save a few bucks. And if it doesn’t, you’ll know exactly which features you do need and can opt for a paid version of that free app or at least know what to look for in a different app.

Here are a few of the best free Mac outline apps to get you started.

Free outline apps for Mac

Cloud Outliner

Cloud Outliner App for Mac

Cloud Outliner is an awesome free app for Mac. Create folders to hold and organize your outlines, choose a light or dark theme, pick your numbering style, and more.

Cloud Outliner notable features

  • Use customizable document templates, text colors, styles, and sizes, and password-protection.
  • Share, export, and print outlines easily.
  • Add comments, search for items, add comments, and use checkboxes.

If you want a simple outline tool that gives you rich text editing features, then take Cloud Outliner for a spin. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Availability: iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, Windows, Linux, and the web
  • Cost: Free with a pro version that gives you exporting to PDF, syncing with iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Evernote, plus removes the ads and banners


WorkFlowy Outline App for Mac

If you don’t mind downloading a Mac app from the company’s site rather than the App Store, then definitely check out WorkFlowy. You can create multiple outlines with the ideal structure and a super simple interface.

WorkFlowy notable features

  • Create your outline with each point and zero in on one for more details with a click in the sidebar.
  • Use bullets, add notes, collapse and expand, search, star, share, export, and print.
  • View your outlines as boards or bullets and use the breadcrumbs at the top to hop around easily.

WorkFlowy is a pleasant surprise when it comes to outline apps for Mac, free or not. You don’t get a lot of fluff with the app, but you don’t need it. And what you do get is perfect for focusing on your outlines.

  • Availability: iPhone, iPad, and Mac
  • Cost: Free with a pro upgrade that gives you unlimited lists, collaboration features, Dropbox backup, themes, fonts, and premium support

Strike – Text Editor

Strike Text Editor App for Mac

Different than the other apps on this list, Strike is an outline, text editor, and markdown tool in one. The formatting features are along the right side, so with a simple click you can apply formatting to your text, add tables, use quotes, and attach files.

Strike notable features

  • Collaborate in real-time, password-protect documents, and lock files to prevent edits.
  • Attach files and images to your outlines, add tables and inline notes, and apply themes and colors.
  • Customize the actions bar, use tags, and get document stats.

Strike is the way to go if you could use a markdown editor in addition to an outliner. And with a clutter-free interface, you can concentrate on your outlines without distractions.

  • Availability: iPhone, iPad, and Mac
  • Cost: Free with a subscription options that lets you publish online, save, export, and unlock the iOS version

Wrapping it up

If you search for outline apps on the Mac App Store, you’ll have plenty to pick from. But if you want to try the best free ones before you spend a dime, these are the ones to check out.

Do you use one of these free Mac outliners or do you have a different one you’d recommend? Please leave us a comment below!