Last-minute issues delaying checkra1n launch, but release still imminent

Hacker and checkra1n team member Luca Todesco took the stage at POC2019 in Seoul, South Korea early Friday morning to talk about checkra1n, an upcoming checkm8 exploit-based jailbreak tool that would work with A5-A11 devices. But perhaps more intriguingly, sporadic teasers indicated that the tool would be released sometime after his presentation there.

The last official update we have from Todesco himself is that the checkra1n release was delayed longer than expected following the presentation, but it was still supposed to launch sometime today. With the day now over and still no official checkra1n jailbreak launch at the time of this writing, you wouldn’t be alone if you were twiddling your thumbs and wondering what was happening.

Luca Todesco talks at POC2019, reveals checkra1n team identities and plans

If you’ve been following the development of the checkm8-based checkra1n jailbreak all this time, then you’ll be excited to hear that one of the project’s most vocal developers, Luca Todesco, took the stage at POC2019 in Seoul, South Korea to discuss the jailbreak and reveal particularly captivating details about the checkra1n team’s members, long-term plans, and more.

Todesco entitled his Keynote presentation “The One Weird Trick SecureROM Hates,” and from what we can gather, the checkra1n team is comprised of the following members, many of which might be familiar to veteran jailbreakers:

Luca Todesco teases Installer on upcoming checkra1n jailbreak

The upcoming checkm8 exploit-based checkra1n jailbreak has been making rounds in headlines over the last couple of weeks, with some of the most exciting news involving tweak injection on iOS 13. But as you might recall, a recent teaser also showed that the checkra1n jailbreak would support several package managers, including Cydia and Zebra.

People were particularly excited to see support for Zebra in addition to the tried and true Cydia package manager, but it begged the question about compatibility with other popular package managers, including Installer and Sileo, just to name a few.

Tweak injection teased on iOS 13 with upcoming checkra1n jailbreak

Things are getting particularly interesting in the world of jailbreaking since the official public release of @axi0mX’s checkm8 bootrom exploit for A5-A11 devices. One of the most intriguing work-in-progresses involving checkm8 has been checkra1n, a jailbreak tool spearheaded by renowned hacker Luca Todesco and others.

While we’ve witnessed quite a few teasers involving the checkra1n jailbreak to date, none have been quite as exciting as one shared just this morning. Jailbreak developer Sam Bingner, well-known for his popular TetherMe jailbreak tweak for enabling native Personal Hotspot on jailbroken handsets with or without carrier consent, teased the tweak functioning on iOS 13 by way of checkra1n:

New teaser shows checkra1n jailbreak running Cydia and Zebra

With a resource as powerful as @axi0mX’s checkm8 bootrom exploit floating around in the wild, it’s should come as no surprise to anyone that prominent members of the jailbreak community are actively working on tools that take advantage of it. One of the most significant of those is checkra1n, a project that is currently being spearheaded by renowned hacker and Yalu jailbreak lead developer Luca Todesco.

It’s been a little over a week since we last heard anything new about checkra1n, but based on what we saw at the time, it would seem things are falling into place quite nicely. Now, a new Tweet shared Sunday afternoon by the official checkra1n Twitter page reveals what appears to be working package managers installed on an iPhone X, iPhone SE, and a seventh-generation iPod touch.

Luca Todesco teases progress on checkra1n, a checkm8-based jailbreak

Just over a week ago, well-respected hacker and security researcher Luca Todesco took to Twitter to tease an all-new custom boot logo and frame buffer concept for checkra1n, a purported jailbreak utility that would be based on the recently-released checkm8 bootrom exploit from @axi0mX. Fortunately, the teasers haven’t stopped there.

Just this weekend, the official checkra1n Twitter page teased an image of what appears to be both a seventh-generation iPod touch and an iPhone SE – each running iOS 13 – with the checkra1n jailbreak app present on the Home screen.

Luca Todesco shows off custom boot logo and frame buffer concept via checkm8 exploit

If you’ve been paying any attention to the jailbreak community recently, then you’ve undoubtedly caught wind about the new checkm8 bootrom exploit.

Given how checkm8 is a bootrom exploit, it can’t be patched with a software update, and it works on all A5-A11 devices up to and including the iPhone X. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise to anyone that avid jailbreak developers are attempting to get their hands dirty with it.

CoolStar to shift focus away from A12(X) in favor of new checkm8 exploit

The recent launch of the checkm8 bootrom exploit for A5-A11 devices certainly piqued the interest of many, and perhaps a lot more than some people would like.

Electra Team lead developer CoolStar took to Discord over the weekend to announce that he would be shifting focus away from A12(X) jailbreak development on iOS 12.1.3 and later and more toward experimenting with and developing around the checkm8 exploit:

Axi0mX showcases verbose boot on iPhone X with iOS 13.1.1 via checkm8

The tides of the jailbreak community forever changed for the better on Friday when hacker and security researcher @axi0mX released checkm8, the first publicly-released bootrom exploit for iOS-powered devices since the iPhone 4 in 2010. Captivatingly, checkm8 works on a significant number of handsets ranging from the antiquated iPhone 4s to the not-so-old iPhone X.

Checkm8 is, in and of itself, an exploit. That said, it’s not a jailbreak, but rather a powerful tool that jailbreak developers could use to devise a USB-based tethered or semi-tethered jailbreak tool for A5-A11 devices. Given how recently checkm8 was released, it should come as no surprise to anyone that public jailbreak tools don’t yet utilize the exploit, but that hasn’t stopped some talented hackers from flexing their l33t dexterities:

New checkm8 bootrom exploit ensures lifetime jailbreakability for A5-A11 devices

It’s an exciting time to be an active member of the jailbreak community. Security researcher axi0mX has released a powerful new bootrom exploit targeting A5-A11 devices, and for veteran jailbreakers who remember the action-packed limera1n days of yore, this might feel like a blast from the past.

Axi0mx announced his new bootrom exploit, dubbed checkm8, via Twitter just this morning, noting that it would work on all iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches from the iPhone 4s to the iPhone X: