How to automatically enable Low Power Mode when your iPhone reaches a specific battery percentage

iPhone mockup showing Shortcuts app automation that enables Low Power Mode automatically at any set battery percentage

When your iPhone battery falls to 20%, you see a popup asking if you would like to turn on Low Power Mode. But what if you don't want to wait for it to reach that low before being asked to enable the power-saving mode?

Sure, you can manually switch on Low Power Mode anytime you like using one of these three methods. Or, you can automate this task and have your iPhone automatically enter Low Power Mode at the battery percentage of your choosing.

For example, if you want your iPhone to activate Low Power Mode when the battery falls below 40%, 50%, or any other level, you can easily do that.

How to automatically change your iPhone wallpaper every day

wallpaper changes every day

Looking at the same wallpaper every day can be boring for some. If you feel the same, you can spice things up by having your iPhone automatically change the Home Screen and Lock Screen wallpaper daily.

Plus, you can customize it to auto-change the wallpaper when you plug or unplug the charger or put the device in Airplane Mode and many other such conditions. Here's how.

3 ways to set a sleep timer in Spotify on iPhone

Set sleep timer in Spotify on iPhone

I have a habit of falling asleep while listening to old music on Spotify. The problem is that I don't want the music to play all night long. That's why I've been using a sleep timer to make sure Spotify automatically stops playing after a set time. This brief tutorial will show you three ways to add a sleep timer to Spotify on iPhone and iPad.

How to get a notification when your iPhone or iPad is fully charged

iPhone fully charged notification

Knowing when your iPhone or iPad has been fully charged can be helpful, depending on the circumstances. Maybe you're waiting for your iPhone to reach 100% of battery before leaving home. Or maybe you just don't like to keep your device plugged in once the battery has been fully charged. Whatever your reason may be, there is a way to be alerted the minute your iPhone or iPad has reached a full charge.

Using the Shortcuts app, we will create a personal automation that will run when the battery level reaches 100%. At that time, we will have different options as to how we want to be alerted.

How to control your old garage door with Siri and HomeKit

HomeKit garage door

You don't need to spend big money on a brand new garage door opener in order to be able to control it with HomeKit and/or Siri. Indeed, you can simply use an add-on accessory that will bring HomeKit support to virtually any garage door opener, letting you control it using Siri or the Home app on your iPad, iPhone, or Apple Watch.

I personally upgraded my garage door opener with such an accessory a few weeks ago, and in about 30 minutes, I was all set. Now this is not a hack. This is not a workaround. This is real HomeKit support, and all it requires is the meross Smart Garage Door Opener Remote, a $49 accessory you can find on Amazon.