How to set your iPhone to automatically play music when you stop the morning alarm

Have you ever wished your favorite songs automatically started playing when you turn off your alarm in the morning? If yes, it’s your lucky day as we show you how to do that on your iPhone or iPad. And in case you never thought of doing this, you can try it out. 

Automatically play music when alarm stops on iPhone

Listen to your favorite songs when you stop the morning alarm

You will have to use automation in the Shortcuts app that automatically triggers the Music app when you stop or snooze the alarm. Before proceeding, create a playlist with the songs you wish to listen to. In case your playlist is already set up, follow along with the steps.

Here’s how to automatically play music when you stop the iPhone alarm:

1) Open the Shortcuts app and tap Automation.

2) Tap Create Personal Automation. If you already have some automation, tap the plus button (+) first.

3) Tap Alarm.

Create Personal Automation and choose Alarm on iPhone

4) Depending on your choice, select Is Snoozed or Is Stopped. We are going with Is Stopped.

5) Next, choose the Wake-Up alarm or tap Existing > pick your morning alarm > Done. With the first leg of steps set up, tap Next.

Select alarm in Shortcuts automation

6) Tap Play Music under suggested actions or tap Add Action, search for Play Music, and tap to add it.

7) Now, tap the light blue “Music” word.

Add Play Music action to shortcut

8) Choose the playlist (or artist, albums, song, etc.) you want to start playing when the alarm is stopped by tapping that playlist name and then the plus button (+).

Select playlist and add it to automation

9) Optional: tap the tiny arrow to enable shuffle and repeat.

10) With everything set up, tap Next.

11) Turn off Ask Before Running > Don’t Ask and tap Done.

Play music when my Morning alarm is stopped

That’s all there is to it. From now on, when you stop your morning alarm, the selected playlist of your favorite songs will automatically start playing. No other action is required. Just stop the alarm, and the automation is triggered automatically.

Music starts playing when alarm is turned off on iPhone

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