How to automatically play a presentation and time slides in Keynote

Self-playing Presentation Keynote Mac

If you’re creating a presentation in Keynote that you want to automatically play without any interaction, this is easier to do than you might think. You can set up the slideshow to start playing when you click and then go through each slide automatically. And with this, you may want to display those slides for specific amounts of time.

To help you create the perfect slideshow, this tutorial shows you how to set up a self-playing presentation and time your slides in Keynote.

How to create your own Mac Finder Quick Actions

Mac Finder Quick Actions and More

If you’ve never used Quick Actions in Finder on your Mac, these are handy tools below the preview pane in the Finder window. You can perform actions quickly, as the name describes, and save some time. For example, you can rotate an image or create a PDF with just a click.

While you have some basic Quick Actions, which depend on if you select a folder, file, video, or image, you can customize these actions by creating your own. This lets you create the types of Quick Actions you’ll use most and have them at your fingertips.

So if you’re ready, here’s how to create your own Mac Finder Quick Actions.

How to assign your favorite apps or custom automation shortcuts to the stock Lock screen and Control Center toggles in iOS 13

Did you know that iOS 13 makes it possible to create some pretty neat system-wide app automations for your iPhone or iPad, right in the Shortcuts app? With this awesome improvement, power users are able to do things that weren't possible before, such as have iOS automatically open a third-party app upon tapping the Camera shortcut on the Lock screen or modify Control Center toggles so they launch custom rather than default apps.

Shortcuts Focus: enforcing Picture in Picture on YouTube & other unsupported websites on iPad

Your iPad supports Picture in Picture (PiP) videos in apps and webpages, but this handy mode isn't universally supported across all video-streaming websites. Crucially, PiP is unsupported by's iPad interface on Safari. But there's a shortcut for that, too—thanks to the power of iOS automation, you can enforce Picture in Picture on YouTube and other websites.

How to create and use Smart Folders on Mac

Create New Smart Folder on Mac

The Finder Smart Folder feature on Mac is a handy one for automatically placing items into a folder for you. This saves you time, reduces the risk of missing items, and helps you work more efficiently.

If you’re curious about what these Smart Folders can do and how to create them, then this tutorial is for you. Here’s how to create and use Smart Folders on Mac.

Shortcuts Focus: getting Dark Mode on virtually any website

Darkened interfaces look good in apps, not so much on websites. The problem is, web content remains a major source of visual inconsistency as far as the popular Dark Mode feature is concerned. Thankfully, you can get a Dark Mode-alike environment on almost any website thanks to a handy Dark Mode V2 shortcut for your iPhone and iPad.

How to set an automatic text reply for phone calls and text messages on iPhone

Auto Reply Message on iPhone

Although the iPhone doesn't come with an automatic text reply feature for calls and messages, there may come a time when you’ll be completely out of reach. Maybe you’re going on vacation, taking time off work, or simply unplugging for a while. But when you receive text messages and calls from people, you want to let them know you aren't available. Setting up an out-of-office auto reply text message can help you do just that.

In this article, we will learn how to set an auto reply for phone calls and text messages on your iPhone.