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Apple to dial back mask mandates in many U.S. stores

Well, that was fast. After reinstating a mask mandate for its employees and in-store customers in July of this year, the company has decided that, in some states, that rule no longer has to be in place. According to a new report, beginning this week, Apple will start to dial back mask mandates for in-store visits.

Apple’s extended holiday return policy is now live leading into early 2022

Normally, Apple's return policy for the majority of the products the company sells is set at 14 days. There are some exceptions and caveats, but, for the most part, that's the hard and fast rule. That is until the holiday shopping season arrives. That's when Apple decides to extend the policy quite a bit, giving holiday gift givers and receivers some additional time.

Apple Card is once again offering 6% Daily Cash on eligible Apple Online Store purchases [Updated: not so much]

Marketing image showcasing an Apple Card and an iPhone set against a dark gradient background

In time for the holiday season in 2019, Apple rolled out a boost to Daily Cash earnings for Apple Card owners. Typically, Apple offers 3% cash back when buying eligible products from an Apple Store, either in a physical retail shop or online. And if you use Apple Pay. But while Apple may have skipped last year, it appears the program's boost to 6% was good enough to bring back eventually.

Apple is giving retail employees up to $1,000 in a bonus this fall

The iPhone 13 lineup is about to launch to the public, which means that retail store employees at Apple's physical shops are going to be very busy (which is not necessarily a new occurrence by any means). But, in addition to that, the holiday shopping season is also right around the corner. As a result, Apple's decided to shell out some more money.