Apple opening another new store in Abu Dhabi with views of the waterfront promenade

Apple is building a new retail store in the United Arab Emirates, launching soon in Abu Dhabi’s Al Maryah Island and marking the company’s fourth retail location in the region.

A photograph depicting the exterior of a new Apple Store in Abu Dhabi's Al Maryah Island in United Arab Emirates with a special barricade surrounding the storefront
Image credit: Apple
  • Apple will soon open its fourth retail store in the United Arab Emirates
  • The upcoming retail location will be located on Al Maryah Island
  • The new store will offer views of the waterfront promenade
  • Apple has erected a barricade surrounding the storefront

Al Maryah Island to host Apple’s new Abu Dhabi store

Apple fed some details concerning the upcoming store to The National News ahead of the grand opening, which the company would only say is due soon without elaborating further. The new retail outlet could open its doors to shoppers within days because Apple has officially acknowledged that it exists—something the company rarely does.

The store will offer views of the waterfront promenade, Apple said. The company has erected a special barricade fearing the motives of pearls and pearl divers which play a significant role in Abu Dhabi’s history and culture.

An Apple spokesperson said in a statement to The National News:

The pearl and the environment it is born out of is a great metaphor for the growth of the city, and its investment in its creative community that is driving full speed towards the future.

The upcoming brick-and-mortar location will let visitors “create, collaborate and continue to experience the best of Apple, all in one place,” the iPhone maker added.

A natural island situated northeast of Abu Dhabi, the island is home to exclusive hotels and businesses. Its name was inspired by a species of Arabian deer, called, Al Mariyah, which live on the island. Read: How to find your Apple ID on iPhone, iPad and Mac

From the store’s description on the Apple website:

If a grain of sand can transform into a luminous pearl, at Apple Al Maryah Island an idea can definitely turn into a brilliant gem. Whether you’re trying something new, or expanding upon your ideas, in our new Apple Store, you’ll find all the space and tools you need to help your creativity shine.

The new store will mark Apple’s fourth retail location in the United Arab Emirates

News of the Al Maryah Island store follows a recent reopening of Apple’s Yas Mall store which has been relocated to a prime corner location at the mall’s town square. The redesigned, relaunched Yas Mall store features a curved glass exterior and has double the floor space, livened up with wood ceilings, as well as skylights and Ficus Nitida trees.