75+ Frequently Asked Questions about the new iPhone SE 3 (2022)

In March 2022, Apple announced a new version of the iPhone SE. If you are planning to buy an iPhone SE 3 for yourself, your kids, younger sibling, parents, or grandparents, you might have a few questions about this new device.

To help you figure out whether the new iPhone SE (2022) is a good buy, we compiled over 75 frequently asked questions related to this new model.

iPhone SE 3rd generation (2022)


What’s the correct official name of the new iPhone SE?

To date, Apple has released three versions of the iPhone SE. They are:

  • iPhone SE – released in 2016
  • iPhone SE (2nd generation) – released in 2020
  • iPhone SE (3rd generation) – released in 2022

On Apple’s homepage, product description, official Newsroom articles, and other marketing, Apple calls the new iPhone SE just iPhone SE (maybe to keep things simple). However, it officially calls them by their generation, like iPhone SE (3rd generation), on the technical specifications page or while comparing the latest iPhone SE with its previous version.

You can call the new iPhone SE as iPhone SE 2022, iPhone SE 3rd generation, or just iPhone SE 3.

What does the “SE” stand for?

There is no official statement. But Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing, Phil Schiller, told a Fortune reporter that “SE” in iPhone SE stands for “Special Edition.”

When did iPhone SE 2022 come out?

Apple announced the new iPhone SE on March 8, 2022. Pre-orders for iPhone SE started on March 11, 2022, and will be available to customers starting March 18, 2022.

iPhone SE 1st, 2nd, 3rd generation
Left to right: iPhone SE 3rd gen, 2nd gen, and 1st gen.


What does the iPhone SE 2022 look like?

iPhone SE 2022 looks just like its predecessor, iPhone SE 2020. It also looks identical to the iPhone 8, which was released in 2017. In terms of basic look, the iPhone SE 2022 design dates back to iPhone 6, released in 2014!

In what colors is the iPhone SE 2022 available?

The new iPhone SE is available in three colors – Midnight (black), Starlight (white), and (PRODUCT)RED (red). Irrespective of the color you choose, the front bezel of all iPhone SE 3 models is black.

iPhone SE all colors - red, white, and black


What processor is iPhone SE (3rd generation) using?

iPhone SE 2022 has the A15 Bionic chip, which is the same as iPhone 13. It has a 6-core CPU with 2 performance and 4 efficiency cores, 4-core GPU, and a 16-core Neural Engine.

Is there a difference between the A15 chip in iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone SE 2022?

Yes! There is a slight difference. iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max have a 5-core GPU. However, iPhone 13, 13 mini, and iPhone SE 2022 have a 4-core GPU. Except for this, there is no other difference on paper.

Is iPhone SE 3 faster than Android phones?

Many independent reviewers have tested that Apple’s A15 is superior to the latest flagship processors from Qualcomm (Snapdragon), Samsung (Exynos), MediaTek, and others. iPhone SE 2022 has the same A15 chip, which makes it faster than even Android flagships as far as processors are concerned.

A15 chip on iPhone SE 2022


What are the storage options in iPhone SE 2022?

iPhone SE 3 comes in 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB options.

How much RAM does iPhone SE 2022 have?

iPhone SE 3rd generation comes with 4GB RAM on all variants.

Can I use a micro SD card with iPhone SE?

No, you can’t insert a micro SD card to expand the storage on any iPhone, including iPhone SE 2022.

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Is iPhone SE 2022 water and dust resistant?

Yes. iPhone SE (3rd generation) is IP67 rated. This makes it dust, splash, and water-resistant (maximum depth of 1 meter up to 30 minutes).

What are the body dimensions of the iPhone SE 2022?

  • Height: 138.4 mm (5.45 inches)
  • Width: 67.3 mm (2.65 inches)
  • Depth: 7.3 mm (0.29 inches)

What’s the weight of iPhone SE 2022?

iPhone SE 3 weighs 144 grams or 5.09 ounces.

Will my old iPhone SE 2020 and iPhone 8 cases fit iPhone SE 2022?

Your old iPhone SE 2020 and iPhone 8 cases should fit the new 3rd generation iPhone SE 2022 as the size of these three phones is identical. The back camera, microphone, and flash placement are also the same. Therefore, old covers should fit without any issues.

What is the iPhone SE 2022 body to screen ratio?

Due to the big front bezels, iPhone SE 3 has a 65.4% screen-to-body ratio. In comparison, the iPhone 13 Pro has a 86% screen-to-body ratio.

iPhone SE 2022 front and back


Does iPhone SE 2022 support VoLTE?

Yes. You can use VoLTE (Voice over LTE) if your carrier supports it.

Can I enable Wi-Fi calling on iPhone SE 2022?

Yes. You can enable Wi-Fi calling on iPhone SE 2022 if your carrier supports it.

Does iPhone SE 2022 make 1080p FaceTime calls?

With iOS 14.2 and later, iPhone 8 and later can make FaceTime HD (1080p) video calls. However, Apple’s support page doesn’t explicitly mention “1080p” for iPhone SE 2022 and only says FaceTime HD.

Can I use SharePlay on iPhone SE 3?

Yes. You can enjoy movies, TV shows, songs, and use other supported apps with friends and family over FaceTime. Here’s more about it.

SharePlay on iPhone SE 2022


What is the screen size of iPhone SE 2022?

iPhone SE 2022 has a 4.7-inch (or 11.94 cm) display.

Is the iPhone SE 3 screen OLED?

No, the iPhone SE 2022 has an LCD display with IPS technology.

Does iPhone SE 2022 have a 120Hz display?

No. iPhone SE (3rd generation) display isn’t a 120Hz, high refresh rate, ProMotion display. It refreshes at the standard 60Hz.

What’s the screen resolution of iPhone SE 2022 display?

iPhone SE (3rd generation) has a 1334x750-pixel display.

What’s the pixel density of iPhone SE 2022 screen?

326 PPI (pixels per inch).

What’s the max brightness of iPhone SE 3 display?

625 nits.

Does iPhone SE 3 have an HDR display?

No, it doesn’t.

How is the iPhone SE 2022 display?

The Retina HD display on iPhone SE 2022 is nice if you’re coming from an iPhone 8 or earlier. However, you’ll notice the inferiority if you have used iPhone X or later with an OLED screen.

Does iPhone SE 2022 have 3D Touch?

iPhone SE (3rd generation) doesn’t support 3D Touch. But, you can long-press the iPhone screen to perform the corresponding actions that 3D Touch does.

iPhone SE 3rd generation


How many megapixels do iPhone SE (2022) cameras have?

The back camera on iPhone SE 2022 is a single 12MP wide camera. In the front, it has a 7MP camera.

Does iPhone SE 2022 have a dual camera?

No. iPhone SE 3 has one camera on the back and one on the front.

Does iPhone SE 2022 support Night mode?

No. iPhone SE 3 front or back cameras don’t support Night mode.

Can iPhone SE 2022 shoot 4K videos?

Yes. The back camera of iPhone SE 2022 can do 4K video recording at 24 fps, 25 fps, 30 fps, or 60 fps. However, its front camera can’t do 4K video and is capped at 1080p HD video recording at 25 fps or 30 fps.

Can I use Photographic Styles in iPhone SE 2022 camera?

Yes. iPhone SE supports Photographic Styles while taking a picture.

Is Portrait mode available on iPhone SE 2022?

Yes. iPhone SE 3 lets you shoot in Portrait mode with advanced bokeh and Depth Control. It also has Portrait Lighting (six effects).

How much can I zoom on iPhone SE 2022?

iPhone SE 3 camera doesn’t support optical zoom. However, you can use 5x digital zoom in photos and 3x digital zoom in video recording.

Does iPhone SE 2022 have optical image stabilization?

Yes, iPhone SE 3 has optical image stabilization.

What features are missing in iPhone SE 2022 camera?

Cinematic mode, ProRes video recording, HDR video recording with Dolby Vision, Night mode, Night mode portraits, Smart HDR 4, Apple ProRAW, macro photography, macro video recording, and audio zoom are missing from iPhone SE 2022 cameras.

iPhone SE 2022 Portrait Mode
Portrait Mode on iPhone SE 2022


Does iPhone SE 2022 support dual SIM?

Yes. You can use two SIM cards with iPhone SE 2022 – one physical nano-SIM and one e-SIM.

Is iPhone SE 2022 5G?

5G has two variants – Sub-6GHz 5G (slower but more widely used across the globe) and millimeter wave (mmWave) 5G, which offers overall faster speeds. iPhone SE 3 supports sub-6GHz 5G.

Does iPhone SE 2022 have Bluetooth 5.0?

Yes. However, it doesn’t support Bluetooth 5.2.

Can I pair an Apple Watch with iPhone SE 2022?

You can pair an Apple Watch with your iPhone SE 2022 using the Watch app.

Does iPhone SE 2022 support gigabit LTE?

No. iPhone SE (3rd generation) doesn’t support gigabit LTE. It does LTE Advanced.

Does iPhone SE 2022 have an FM radio?

No. Like all iPhones, iPhone SE 3 doesn’t come with an FM radio. You can download FM apps from the App Store.

Is NFC available on iPhone SE 2022?

Yes. iPhone SE 3 has NFC.

Can I use Apple Pay on iPhone SE 2022?

Definitely! You can set up Apple Pay on iPhone SE 3 and use it for stores and online payments.

Does iPhone SE 2022 have the U1 chip?

No. The U1 ultra wideband chip for spatial awareness isn’t available on iPhone SE (3rd generation).

Does iPhone SE 2022 have a LiDAR scanner?

No. iPhone SE 3 doesn’t have a LiDAR scanner.

Does iPhone SE 2022 have an IR blaster or Infrared port?

iPhone SE (3rd generation) doesn’t have an IR blaster.

Can I use Personal Hotspot on iPhone SE 2022?

You can, as long as your carrier plan supports it.

Does iPhone SE 2022 have a headphone jack?

iPhone 7 and later don’t come with a 3.5mm headphone jack. iPhone SE 3 continues the tradition of not having a headphone jack.

Using iPhone SE 2022

Battery and Charging

How long does the iPhone SE 3 battery last?

iPhone SE 2022 gives you 15 hours of video playback and 10 hours of streamed video playback. In terms of audio playback, the number goes to 50 hours.

Compared to video playback on iPhone SE 2020, 8, and 7, iPhone SE 3 battery lasts two more hours. And when compared to iPhone 6s, SE 3 lasts 4 hours more!

Note: All the numbers above are official and quoted by Apple.

Does the new iPhone SE have a Lightning port?

Yes. iPhone SE 2022 hasn’t switched to USB-C and continues to have a Lightning port like previous iPhones.

Does iPhone SE 2022 support MagSafe or other wireless charging?

iPhone SE (3rd generation) supports wireless charging with any standard Qi wireless charger. However, it doesn’t support the MagSafe charger.

Does iPhone SE 2022 support fast charging?

Yes. You can fast charge iPhone SE 3 with a 20W or higher adapter which will charge it up to 50% in 30 minutes.

Is the iPhone SE 2022 battery removable?

iPhone SE 3 doesn’t have a removable battery.

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What is the price of iPhone SE 2022?

Here is how much iPhone SE 3rd generation released in 2022 costs:

  • USA: 64GB: $429┃128GB: $479┃256GB: $579
  • UK: 64GB: £419┃128GB: £469┃256GB: £569
  • EU: 64GB: €529┃128GB: €579┃256GB: €699
  • Australia: 64GB: A$719┃128GB: A$799┃256GB: A$969
  • India: 64GB: ₹43900┃128GB: ₹48900┃256GB: ₹58900
  • UAE/Dubai: 64GB: AED 1,849┃128GB: AED 2,059┃256GB: AED 2,479

The prices mentioned above are actual prices. They don’t include any trade-in, carrier, or other discounts.

What’s the price of AppleCare+ for iPhone SE 2022?

In the United States, AppleCare+ for iPhone SE (3rd generation) costs $79 while AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss costs $149. Both AppleCare+ and AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss provide two years of coverage.

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Can I trade in an old smartphone while buying iPhone SE 2022?

You can trade in your existing iPhone 6s up to iPhone 12 Pro Max while buying iPhone SE 2022. If you trade in your iPhone 8, you can get up to $100 off. Besides iPhone, you can also trade in your Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel phones to receive an instant discount. You will see all the trade-in options while placing the order on Apple’s website.


Where can I buy iPhone SE 2022?

You can buy iPhone SE 2022 from the physical Apple Store, Apple online store, Apple authorized stores, your carrier store, and almost all leading offline and online stores in your country.

Do I get an international warranty with iPhone SE 2022?

Yes. All iPhones, including iPhone SE 2022, have an international warranty.

In the box

What is in the iPhone SE 2022 box?

You get the handset, a USB-C to Lightning cable, and documentation papers (with Apple stickers). You don’t get a charger, earphones, Lightning to 3.5mm dongle, or anything else in the box.

Do we get a charger in the box with iPhone SE 2022?

You don’t get a charger in the box with iPhone SE 3. You can use any existing Apple or non-Apple charger, or buy one separately.

Do we get AirPods or EarPods with iPhone SE 2022?

You don’t get EarPods, other earphones, or AirPods in the box with iPhone SE 3rd generation. You can purchase them separately.

iPhone SE 3 and USB-C Lightning cable is all you get in the box

Switch to iPhone SE

Is it worth upgrading to iPhone SE 2022 from iPhone 6, 7, 8, or SE 2020?

In addition to camera and other improvements, iPhone SE 2022 has the latest A15 Bionic chip, making it much faster than the old iPhone SE 2020 and iPhone 8. Trading your old iPhone and getting the iPhone SE 3 is a good choice.

Is iPhone SE 2022 future-proof?

Yes. iPhone SE is expected to get at least four or five years of iOS updates, making it future-proof. Down the line, you might have to get the battery replaced, but overall, this robust phone with a powerful processor should last you for the next few years.

Is iPhone SE 3 a good deal?

iPhone SE 2022 is the most affordable iPhone currently offered. It has the latest and greatest A15 Bionic chip making it good for the next few years. 5G support is another handy addition. Though the inferior display, old body design, and less than impressive battery hold it back, it’s a decent buy starting at $429.

Should I buy the new iPhone SE 2022?

If you have iPhone 6, 6s, 7, or 8, it would be the right decision to buy the new iPhone SE 2022. If you’re using an iPhone SE 2020, and its battery isn’t holding up, you can trade it in and get the new 2022 variant. However, if you have iPhone XR, 11, 12, or 12 Pro, you can skip iPhone SE 3 as, despite the powerful chip, it would overall feel like a downgrade.

How to switch from the old iPhone to new iPhone SE 2022?

Make an iCloud or computer backup of your old iPhone, and while setting up your new iPhone SE 3, you can restore that backup on it. You can also move data while setting up the new device.

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How to switch from Android to iPhone SE 2022?

Using the Move to iOS Android app, you can easily move your essentials like contacts, message history, photos, videos, photo albums, mail accounts, files and folders, calendars, accessibility settings, display settings, and most free apps from your Android phone to iPhone SE 2022.

transfer contacts from Android to iPhone


How to take a screenshot on iPhone SE 2022?

Press the side lock button and the front Home button together to take a screenshot on iPhone SE 3rd generation.

How do I enable flashlight on iPhone SE 2022?

You can tap the flashlight icon in the Control Center, which is accessed by swiping up from the bottom of the iPhone SE 3 screen.

How to restart iPhone SE 2022?

To restart your iPhone SE 2022, press the side power button and drag the power off slider to the right to turn it off. After waiting for a few seconds, press the same side power button to switch on the device.

How to reset iPhone SE 2022?

You can reset settings on iPhone SE 3rd generation from Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset.

How to hard reset iPhone SE 2022?

Here is how you can force reboot an iPhone SE 3rd generation.

Other essentials

Does iPhone SE 2022 support Back Tap?

Yes. iPhone SE 2022 supports Back Tap. You can set a double or triple back tap to perform an action by going to Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Back Tap.

Does iPhone SE 2022 have Face ID?

iPhone SE doesn’t have Face ID. It has a Touch ID sensor for authentication.

Is the Touch ID fast on iPhone SE 2022?

Yes. iPhone SE 2022 has a second-generation Touch ID which makes it very fast to unlock your device and authenticate purchases.

Does iPhone SE 2022 support Dolby Atmos?

iPhone SE 3rd generation doesn’t have Dolby Atmos audio playback.

Can I use Apple Pencil or another stylus with iPhone SE 2022?

No. You can’t use Apple Pencil or any other stylus on your iPhone SE 3rd generation display.

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