Apple Watch Series 7 and unreleased Macs show up in new regulatory filings ahead of expected launch this fall

Expectations are high for a new Apple Watch. The rumor mill has painted a picture of an upcoming redesign that could breathe new life into the smartwatch (as if it really needs it). And today we are one step closer to having that device launch into the real world.

As noted first by¬†Consomac, the newest model in the Apple Watch lineup has been registered with the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC). There aren’t a lot of details available at this time, which is par for the course, These regulatory filings are simply meant to get the devices approved for public purchase at a later date.

However, we do get to see the list of model numbers that were approved by the regulatory body. In this case, there are six different model numbers: A2473, A2474, A2475, A2476, A2477, and, finally, A2478.

As far as what’s new, you can sort of tell in the image above, which was shared by Jon Prosser not too long ago. Rumors have swirled for quite some time that Apple is going to introduce an Apple Watch Series 7 with thinner bezels, a brand new green color option, a slightly bigger battery, and, of course, a faster processor under the hood.

The new smartwatch lineup is also said to feature better ultra-wideband technology. Whether or not we see new health-related sensors baked into the new smartwatch remains to be seen, though.

New MacBook Pro models

That’s not all, either. The EEC has also listed filings for previously unreleased Mac models:

Consomac was first to note this addition as well.

Unsurprisingly, there are a lot of Mac models listed in the EEC filing. However, many of them are listings for updated software, not hardware. Apple’s filing for new Mac models launching with macOS 12 Monterey on board in this case.

There are some new, unreleased models in the listing, though. Model numbers A2442 and A2485 appear to be brand new models, not associated with any new MacBook Air or MacBook Pro models currently available to purchase. This appears to be a sign that new MacBook models are on the way, and these could be the first to feature Apple’s oft-rumored M1X processor inside the case.

The 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro refresh has been rumored for quite some time. If these EEC filings are any indicator, along with the upcoming Apple Watch refresh, this fall is going to be very busy.