macOS Monterey

5 ways to fix a Mac screen saver stuck or refusing to turn off

MacBook on screen saver

You went away from your Mac for a while, and when you return, you find the screen saver is stuck. Most likely, this glitch is due to bugs in macOS. But, the fix is easy. Here's how to get out of the frozen Mac screen saver or the screen saver that won't go away and prevents you from using your computer.

The fixes here apply to Macs with Intel processor and Apple silicon running any recent version of macOS, including macOS Big Sur and macOS Monterey.

How to automatically start playing music at startup on Mac

Play music on Mac startup

We previously showed you the steps to automatically open your favorite websites without a single click when you turn on your Mac. In this brief tutorial, let us add some music to this.

Here's how to use the Shortcuts app to automatically play your desired playlist when you turn on your Mac.

How to stop iMessage photos from showing in Photos app

Shared with You iPhone

Are pictures and videos you receive on iMessage appearing automatically inside your iPhone Photos app? This is because of a new feature called Shared with You introduced in iOS 15. If you do not like this, here's how to stop your iPhone from automatically saving images received on iMessage to the Photos app.

How to fix AirPlay not working between iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Fix AirPlay not working on iPhone, iPad and Mac

One of the best new features of macOS Monterey is AirPlay to Mac. It lets you AirPlay directly from your iPhone, iPad, or other Mac to a Mac running macOS Monterey. Usually, the entire process is easy and happens without hiccups. But if you cannot AirPlay to Mac, your Mac doesn't show up as an AirPlay target, or if video, photos, audio, or screen do not project from iPhone to the Mac, here are the solutions to fix that.

How to AirPlay to Mac from iPhone, iPad or Mac

iPhone and MacBook with same content on both screens showing AirPlay

Starting with macOS Monterey, you can use your Mac as an AirPlay receiver or target display. This new feature lets you AirPlay photos, videos, and presentations to your Mac's screen from iPhone, iPad, or a Mac. You can also AirPlay music to Mac's internal speakers and even mirror your entire iPhone and iPad screen onto Mac's display. Finally, it also lets you wirelessly use your Mac's screen as a second display for your iPad or another Mac. This tutorial shows you how to do all these.