Apple Watch Series 7 battery capacity may get a boost

The Apple Watch Series 7 battery capacity should increase thanks to a smaller, tentatively named “Apple S7” chip which should use double-sided silicon packaging technology.


  • Apple Watch Series 7 will focus on battery life
  • The device will use a smaller, double-sided chip
  • Also, Apple Watch Series 7 may offer new colors

Apple Watch Series 6 teardown image by iFixit
Image credit: iFixit

Apple Watch battery to get a boost with Series 7

Taiwan’s Economic Daily News reports that the upcoming Apple Watch Series 6 successors will use a smaller Apple S7 chip that will make more room inside the device for a bigger battery and potentially other components. Apple is understood to be focused on improving Apple Watch battery life with this year’s update without making necessarily the device bigger or thicker.

Taiwanese trade publication DigiTimes recently said the next Apple Watch would feature Apple’s next-generation S7 chip that’s expected to use double-sided System in Package (SiP) packaging, yielding in a thinner package overall. Today’s report claims Apple Watch Series 7 will use double-sided technology from Taiwanese supplier ASE Technology.

It adds that Apple Watch Series 7 will offer some new colors without saying which ones. A previous report said a new green color option would be coming to Apple Watch this year.

When will Apple Watch Series 7 release?

So, when may Apple Watch Series 7 drop? Well, if history is anything to go by, then you should be able to put a brand new watch from Apple on your wrist sometime this fall.

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With everything we know so far, it’s safe to conclude that Apple Watch Series 7 will be unveiled simultaneously with the new iPhone 13 lineup in September, launching in October.

Will Apple Watch Series 7 have new health sensors?

It’s unclear whether or not Apple Watch Series 7 would include any new sensors, like the rumored body temperature sensor. According to rumors, additional health sensors could be coming to the Apple Watch family in 2022. A non-invasive blood sugar sensor for diabetics that Apple has been working on for quite some time is still a few years away, however.

Revered Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said predicted that Series 7 would file as the first major redesign of Apple Watch since its inception in 2014. Bloomberg is mentioning thinner bezels around the Apple Watch Series 7 display and the use of screen lamination to eliminate a gap between the display and cover glass that’s visible on the current models.