Apple Watch Series 7 rumored to feature a design change and green color option

Apple has made it an expectation that on a yearly basis the company is going to refresh the Apple Watch in some way or another. That’s certainly the case this year, with the Apple Watch Series 7 rumored to be launching several months from now.

And now a new rumor suggests Apple may be ready to bring another design change to the hardware, while also adopting a new color option for the case. At least, that’s according to serial leaker Jon Prosser via his Genius Bar podcast with Sam Kohl, as noted today by AppleTrack.

Prosser’s comments on the podcast are brief, basically a tease for more information that will likely be coming soon. However, the brief details shared are intriguing enough, with Apple supposedly adopting a more thorough design change for its popular smartwatch.

An Apple Watch Series 6 with the X-Large watch face shown on the display

Prosser says the new Apple Watch will have a similar design language to other more recent Apple products. As suggested by 9to5Mac, this could very well be leaning towards the flat edge that Apple has adopted recently for a variety of its products. Think the iPad Pro and iPad Air, for instance. So, if that is indeed the case, it’s possible the upcoming Apple Watch will have a flat edge design, too, or something similar.

Prosser and Kohl do say that it will be “more subtle” than in other products, though. So it will be interesting to see what that looks like in real life, if the rumor pans out.

Meanwhile, it sounds like Apple is ready to bring another color option to the Apple Watch lineup as well. Apple welcomed both blue and red options for the Apple Watch case last year, and the pair say that Apple is going to add a green option to the lineup with this year’s refresh. The green would be similar to what you see with the AirPods Max, which is similar to the green present on the latest iPad Air.

If Apple adopts a design change with flat edges and introduces a new green color, will that be enough to get you to upgrade to a new Apple Watch later this year?