Renders show off alleged redesign of Apple Watch Series 7 with flat sides and green color

The rumor mill has been pretty quiet on the next Apple Watch refresh. But things are starting to pick up this week, with a serial leaker aiming to shed some light on the next design for Apple’s popular smartwatch.

Earlier this week, Jon Prosser took some time as part of his Genius Bar podcast (with Sam Kohl) to talk about the next Apple Watch. According to the leaker, Apple’s Series 7 smartwatch will boast a hardware design change, opting to go with something similar to the flat edges seen on products like the iPad Pro, iPad Air, and the iPhone 12 lineup.

Unfortunately, the initial report was a tease more than anything else. The good news is the wait for something more visual is over. Prosser has updated his Front Page Tech YouTube channel to show off renders of the rumored Apple Watch Series 7, promoting the flat edges and even the new, rumored green color.

You can watch the full episode of FPT below, but one of the renders is just above. Looks like Apple will not only adopt the new green color, but keep a blue hue in the mix, too.

The new flat design may be a welcomed change for some, but it will be interesting to see how it looks in real life. At the very least, the new design still retains that familiar Apple Watch look, so it will still be instantly recognizable — even with flat sides.

Here’s the full FPT episode:

What do you think of the new green color? If Apple replaces the red option with this, will you be a fan of the move?

As far as the rumors are concerned, the new Apple Watch Series 7 is also expected to adopt a blood glucose measurement feature as well.