How to respond with text to FaceTime calls on iPad

FaceTime Call on iPad Respond with Text

You can set up your iPhone to respond to phone calls with a text if you’re unable to answer. This is a good way to acknowledge the call and let the caller know that you’ll get back to them later, ask them to email you, or numerous other things. But what if you’re using your iPad when a call comes in?

Just like the Phone app on iPhone, the FaceTime app on iPad allows you to set up Respond with Text. You can create one or more text responses and then send the one you want if you’re unable to answer the call. Here, we’ll show you how to set up Respond with Text in FaceTime on iPad.

Set up Respond with Text

All this magic takes place in the Settings on your iPad. So open Settings, select FaceTime, and follow these next steps.

1) In Settings > FaceTime, select Respond with Text.

2) Enter up to three text messages under Respond With. This is handy for various types of responses.

3) Tap the FaceTime arrow on the top left to exit and then close your Settings.

FaceTime on iPad Set Up Respond with Text

You can go back to this area to remove or edit your messages anytime.

Responding with text

When you receive a call on your iPad that you’re unable to answer, you’ll just tap Message and then choose the text to send to your caller.

Note: If you have Banner enabled for receiving calls, just tap a spot on the banner to open the call in full screen and then tap Message.

FaceTime Call on iPad Respond with Text

You’ll also see a Custom option in your list of text options. So for those one-off situations, you can pick this option, type your own message in Messages, and send it to your caller.

When you use Respond with Text, your caller receives the message like any other text message.

Wrapping it up

There are many times when you can’t take a call and simply let it go to voicemail. But for other times, like if a family member is calling, you can let them know that you received their call and check in with them later.

Are you going to set up Respond with Text for FaceTime on your iPad? Do you already use this feature on iPhone and find it handy? Let us know!