Do Not Disturb

DrainCheck harnesses Do Not Disturb mode to monitor battery drain on pwned iPhones

Battery consumption is a very real concern among jailbreakers, especially given the fact that certain jailbreak tweak configurations can add to the burden of keeping your phone alive throughout the day.

While most people simply glance at the Status Bar or visit the Battery preference pane in the Settings app to learn more about their battery usage, those who want a brief battery usage report every morning when they wake up might take an interest in a newly released and free jailbreak tweak dubbed DrainCheck by iOS developer Ginsu.

DNDBadges makes notification badges purple when Do Not Disturb mode is turned on

Do Not Disturb mode is an indispensable feature on iPhones and iPads that I’ve grown particularly fond of over the years. Although it isn’t new, I still use it just as much today as I did when it first came out.

There’s just one problem — it’s can be all too easy to forget that you turned Do Not Disturb mode on in the first place, which sometimes results in missed notifications that you otherwise didn’t intend to silence.

DNDToast displays a ringer/silent-inspired pop-up when Do Not Disturb is toggled

Whenever you switch the iPhone’s ringer/silent switch between the ringer and silent positions, iOS automatically shows a small pop-up at the top of the display to let you know the status of the switch.

We really like this subtle feature, and that’s one of the reasons why we’ve often wondered why Apple doesn’t do the same for Do Not Disturb mode. After all, if you’re unaware when Do Not Disturb gets turned on, you could miss important notifications. With that in mind, you’d think Apple would want users to be more aware of when it gets switched on or off – automatically or not.