How to set an automatic text reply for phone calls and text messages on iPhone

Auto Reply Message on iPhone

Although the iPhone doesn’t come with an automatic text reply feature for calls and messages, there may come a time when you’ll be completely out of reach. Maybe you’re going on vacation, taking time off work, or simply unplugging for a while. But when you receive text messages and calls from people, you want to let them know you aren’t available. Setting up an out-of-office auto reply text message can help you do just that.

In this article, we will learn how to set an auto reply for phone calls and text messages on your iPhone.

Set up auto replies for calls and text messages

Because the iPhone doesn’t come with an out-of-office sort of auto response feature, we have to use a workaround. In this case, the workaround is a feature called Do Not Disturb While Driving.

The Do Not Disturb While Driving feature on your device is handy for more than not being bothered while driving. This is what you’ll be using to set up the automatic text replies.

1) Open the Settings app. On the main Settings screen, select Do Not Disturb.

2) Under Phone, tap Allow Calls From and select No One.

3) Tap Back and select Auto-Reply To. Choose All Contacts.

4) Tap Back and select Auto-Reply. Type in the message that you would like your callers and recipients to receive.

5) You should also make sure that the Do Not Disturb While Driving option is set to Manually so that you can enable it when you want to, rather than automatically.

Automatic text Replies for Do Not Disturb on iPhone

Enable Do Not Disturb While Driving in Control Center

Now that we have set up our auto reply, we need to enable it. For that, we’ll use Control Center with the Do Not Disturb While Driving button. To add the button, follow these simple steps.

1) Open Settings and choose Control Center.

2) Tap Customize Controls.

3) Tap the plus sign next to Do Not Disturb While Driving to move it from the bottom to the top under Include. Optionally, you can tap and drag it where you would like it in the list.

Add Do Not Disturb Driving to Control Center iPhone

Now, just swipe up to open your Control Center and tap the Do Not Disturb While Driving button when you’re ready to invoke the automatic replies. From that time, anyone who calls or texts you will receive an automatic text reply. You will be able to see each auto reply directly from the Messages app when you unlock your iPhone and open up the app.

To disable auto replies, simply turn off Do Not Disturb While Driving in the same way you enabled it.

Important information

  • Although Do Not Disturb While Driving must be enabled, you do not need to be driving
  • Each automatic text reply will also be accompanied by a message saying that if this is an urgent matter, people can reply to the text message. There is nothing that can be done about this.
  • If the caller doesn’t have a caller ID, your iPhone will not be able to send an automatic text reply.
  • This will not work if your phone is turned off, in Airplane Mode, or if you have no signal.

Wrapping it up

Once you have this set up, your automatic replies will be sent to everyone who calls or texts you. You can let people know you’re out of office, on vacation, or simply unavailable and will get back to them when you return.

Is this a tip you’re going to try? If so, let it know how it works out!