Get a T9 dialing experience in your iPhone’s Phone app with EasyDialer14

It seems like it’s been forever since the last time I witnessed an ordinary flip phone in the wild. Today’s vibrant selection of smartphones has all but phased them out. But if there’s one thing I remember from the times they were the mainstream, it was the T9 dialing experience intended for the 3x4 physical dial pads.

Today’s smartphones offer powerful features including a Contacts app that lets you call or message someone with a tap. But if you’re feeling nostalgic and want the T9 dialing experience in your iPhone’s native Phone app, then a new and free jailbreak tweak called EasyDialer14 by iOS developer might be for you.

CallFavorites lets iOS 14 users dial favorite contacts via a Haptic Touch gesture on the Home Screen

We all probably have at least a few favorite contacts saved on our iPhones, whether it’s close family or our best of friends. Fortunately, Apple allows you to set up favorite contacts in the Phone app so that it’s easier to get in touch with them when life necessitates it.

Designating a contact as a ‘favorite’ contact in the Phone app moves that person’s contact information to the dedicated Favorites tab at the bottom of the app, but if you were looking for even more added convenience, then we think you’ll come to appreciate a newly released and free jailbreak tweak called CallFavorites by iOS developer pixelomer.

How to enable Wi-Fi Calling on your iPhone

Enable Wi-Fi Calling iPhone

If you’re in a location with poor cellular service or none at all, but can connect to Wi-Fi, consider using it for calls on your iPhone. Once enabled, you can make and receive calls without worrying about the cell signal.

Here, we’ll show you what you need to know before you use Wi-Fi Calling on iPhone and how to enable it for your iPhone and other devices.

4 ways to create a new contact on your iPhone

Add New Contact iPhone

While you can easily create a new contact right from the Contacts app on your iPhone, you do have additional options that might be more convenient. If you receive an email, text message, or phone call from someone, you can save that person as a new contact directly from one of those items too.

If there is someone new in your life that you want to save as a contact for simple ways to communicate in the future, here are four methods for creating a new contact on your iPhone.

Escape invokes fake phone calls to help you leave awkward social situations

We’ve all been in those awkward social situations where our manners get the best of us. Sometimes we stick around and talk to people even though we really need to get going, and sometimes we’re approached by someone that we really don’t want to be approached by. In any case, it’s a good idea to have slick a way out.

Escape is a newly released jailbreak tweak by iOS developer Plat-Ykor that can help in these types of situations. Just as the name implies, this tweak provides users with an on-demand reason to escape unwanted situations, whatever they might be.

Sunset makes it easier for jailbreakers to get in touch with friends & family

When you’re in the mood to get in touch with a friend or family member, you’d generally just launch the Contacts app, find that person, and then tap only our preferred method of contact to reach them — be it text, phone, or email. But it’s 2020, and by now, someone’s got to be saying that it’s ludicrous that one would need to close the app they’re in and launch the Contacts app just to get in touch with someone else.

Those who feel the way we’ve just described are likely to enjoy a newly released jailbreak tweak called Sunset by iOS developer SouthernGirlWhoCode, as it replaces the idea of a Contacts app with a Contacts card that can be summoned from just about anywhere in iOS with one of several different gestures.

Square replaces the Phone app’s round dialer buttons with square ones

Those looking to do away with the round Phone app dialer buttons in favor of something a bit more rigid are likely to take a liking to a newly released and free jailbreak tweak dubbed Square by iOS developer PlatYkor.

As depicted in the screenshot examples above, Square replaces the aforementioned buttons with squarer alternatives that can be configured in a bevy of different ways depending on the user’s own tastes and preferences.

How to use compact calls on iPhone and iPad

iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 show incoming calls in a compact banner at the top rather than taking up the whole screen like before. Follow this tutorial to learn how to use the compact UI for calls on your iPhone and iPad, switch between banner-style and fullscreen calls and more.