How to customize the auto-reply response of your Driving Focus mode on iPhone

Driving Focus is an important step towards minimizing interaction with your iPhone behind the wheel and, more widely, an asset for road safety. The Auto-Reply feature inside Driving Focus mode automatically sends a message to your favorite or selected contacts when they message you while Driving Focus is turned on.

The default auto-reply message is “I’m driving with Focus turned on. I’ll see your message when I get where I’m going.

If the above default message does not sound like your kind of jargon, follow these simple steps to personalize the stock reply.

Driving Focus auto-reply response on iPhone

How to customize Driving Focus mode auto-reply

1) Open the iPhone Settings app and tap Focus.

2) Select Driving.

3) Choose Auto-Reply.

4) Tap the Auto-Reply Message field and adjust the note to your liking.

Edit Auto-Reply Message for Driving Focus on iPhone

Incidentally, your Auto-Reply does not seem to be capped by a (tight) character limit. I have not been asked to shorten my rather lengthy message yet, which indicates that if there is a limitation, it’s far beyond the traditional 140-character threshold.

If you are employing an iPhone for business purposes, you could also consider filling the Auto-Reply box with a business card like message similar to a signature supplementing your emails. In that event, be sure to adjust the Auto-Reply To box from Favorites to All Contacts.

That’s all there is to know! Be safe on the roads.

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