How to display your note count in Notes on Mac

Notes Show Hide Note Count Mac

If you use the Notes app frequently or even daily, you may want to see how many notes you have. On iPhone and iPad, you see a count of all notes, in each folder. These counts are there by default on iOS, but what about Mac?

Yes, you can see your note count in the Notes app on Mac too, and we’ll show you how.

Display the note count in Notes on Mac

Open the Notes app on your Mac and then follow these two simple steps to see the counts of your notes.

1) Click View from the menu bar.

2) Select Show Note Count.

Notes Show Note Count Mac

That’s it! You’ll see the number of notes you have in each folder and subfolder, for all accounts you have connected to Notes.

You can hide the note count again at any time by following the same steps and choosing Hide Note Count.

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Wrapping it up

If you want to see your note count in Notes on iPhone or iPad, it’s easy because it’s already there. But with one simple setting on Mac, you can see how many notes you have in all your folders there too.

Do you find seeing your note count in Notes helpful? Let us know!