How to approve requests and unlock passwords on Mac with Apple Watch

Approve unlock with Apple Watch Mac

The ability to unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch has been around since watchOS 3. And you can still use this handy feature when you’re within range of your Mac. But now you can do even more with your Mac and Apple Watch combination as of watchOS 6 including approving requests and viewing passwords.

So, you can approve app downloads, unlock settings in System Preferences, view Safari passwords, and more. Here’s how to approve requests and unlock passwords on Mac with Apple Watch.

Device requirements

While we covered these requirements when we first introduced you to unlocking your Mac with your Apple Watch, there are a few slight differences for approving requests.

  • You must sign into your Mac and Apple Watch with the same Apple ID.
  • You must use two-factor authentication.
  • You must have watchOS 6 or later to approve requests (and watchOS 3 or later to unlock your Mac).

Enable approvals with Apple Watch

If you are already using the auto-unlock feature for Mac and Apple Watch, then you likely have this enabled. But if not, follow these steps.

1) Open System Preferences using the button your Dock or by clicking Apple ID > System Preferences from the menu bar.

2) Select Security & Privacy.

3) Click the General tab and click the Lock button on the bottom left to sign in if necessary.

4) Check the box for Use your Apple Watch to unlock apps and your Mac.

Unlock and Approve with Apple Watch Mac

Use your Apple Watch for apps and passwords

Now that you’re set up, in addition to unlocking your Mac when you’re wearing your Apple Watch, you can approve authentication requests and view passwords easily.

When a situation arises where your Apple Watch can take over, you’ll see the display on your Watch showing your Mac and asking you to Double Click to Approve.

So, just double click the side button on your Watch and you’re set.

Approve with Apple Watch Mac

You can use this handy feature in various ways:

  • Approving App Store downloads.
  • Unlocking System Preferences.
  • Unlocking protected notes in the Notes app.
  • Viewing your Safari passwords.

Wrapping it up

Being able unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch is a great feature. And this option to use your Apple Watch to approve requests and view passwords makes it even better. Are you going to set this up? Let us know what you think!