Auto Unlock

This tweak lets you configure iOS’ Auto Lock on a per-app basis

All iPhones come with a feature out of the box called Auto Lock that can extend the handset’s battery life by automatically putting it to sleep after extended periods of inactivity. Auto Lock can be useful, but usage varies from one person to the next based on the apps they use and how they use them. Fortunately, you can configure certain parameters of Auto Lock such as the timeout period or disabling it in its entirety.

As nice as the aforementioned configurations can be, one thing that appears to be missing is a way to configure iOS’ Auto Lock on a per-app basis. It’s a simple concept that I think would solve one of the most substantial deal-breakers for a bevy of iPhone users, and that’s one reason why I like the concept behind a free jailbreak tweak called DoNotAutoLock13 by iOS developer moyashi.

Mac unlock with Apple Watch not working? Try these simple steps

The macOS feature that allows you to unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch offers security and convenience. The problem may arise when that feature doesn't work as expected.

If you have set up your Mac to be unlocked with your Apple Watch and are having issues with the feature not working properly, there are a few things you can try.

How to check if your Mac supports Auto Unlock

macOS Sierra debuted a new feature called Auto Unlock that lets you get into your Mac without typing your account password simply by wearing a passcode-protected Apple Watch. With Auto Unlock, you just wake up your Mac and if it senses you're nearby and wearing your watch, it'll log you in automatically. Yes, it just works!

Auto Unlock imposes certain hardware pre-requisites in terms of modern Bluetooth and Wi-Fi chipsets. Here's how you can quickly check if your Mac supports Auto Unlock.

Video walkthrough: Emergency SOS, Activity Sharing & more in watchOS 3 beta 2

A woman checking the Activity app on her Apple Watch while working out

A second beta of watchOS 3 released last week alongside iOS 10 beta 2, macOS Sierra beta 2 and tvOS 10 beta 2. Having posted our video walkthroughs and detailed overviews of what's new in iOS 10 beta 2 and macOS Sierra beta 2, my colleague Andrew and I now get to take a closer look at everything new in watchOS 3 beta 2.

watchOS 3 beta 2 is not as feature-packed a release as the second beta of iOS 10, but still includes some major new features not found in prior betas, like Auto Unlock, Emergency SOS and Activity Sharing. We also detail a few smaller, useful enhancements in the stock Activity and Workout apps and some related new options added to the companion Watch app on the iPhone.

Check out system requirements for Auto Unlock to see if your Mac is supported

Some features of Apple's operating systems are hardware-dependent, for one reason or another. iOS 10 and macOS Sierra are no exceptions. For example, Raise to Wake on iOS 10 requires devices with Apple's embedded M9 motion coprocessor, currently found in the iPhone 6s/Plus and iPhone SE.

Following our preview of Auto Unlock, we noticed that commenters are wondering if this feature requires any special hardware so here are Apple's official system requirements for Auto Unlock.

macOS Sierra preview: Auto Unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch

Auto Unlock, a new feature in macOS Sierra, gives you instant access to your Mac when you’re wearing an Apple Watch. As its marketing name suggest, Auto Unlock is seamless. You simply wake your Mac from sleep while wearing your watch, and boom—just like that, you’re logged in and ready to go, no password typing required. Here's our entertaining video walkthrough of Auto Unlock and a detailed overview of the feature for those interested in its inner workings and intricacies.

Apple introduces macOS Sierra with Siri, Auto Unlock and more

We know OS X is now macOS, and the first major version is macOS Sierra. So what new features does it have? SVP of Software Engineering Craig Federighi is on stage at Apple's WWDC keynote running through the new additions and improvements in the software, and there are some great ones.

The main focuses for this update are going to be Continuity, iCloud and "the fundamentals of the Mac experience." The first big new feature for the group is Auto Unlock, which allows you to automatically unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch—meaning, if you have your Watch on, you don't need to type in your password.