How to lock files, folders, and your Desktop on Mac

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Many times we take precautions to secure our digital items from others. We password-protect things like files and folders to prevent changes by others. But who protects us from ourselves?

If you’ve ever changed a file or moved a folder by mistake, then you know what I mean. The worst is when you do something like that and don’t even realize it until you need the item.

On your Mac, you can lock files, folders, and your Desktop (folder) to prevent unwanted changes. This doesn’t require a password. It’s just a simple “lock” to keep you, or someone else, from editing, moving, or even removing a file or folder. Here’s how it works.

How to lock cells in Microsoft Excel on Mac to protect your data

How to Lock Cells in Excel on Mac

If you have an Excel spreadsheet or workbook that you want to either share with others, you likely have data that you don’t want them to be able to change. Maybe you want to allow them access to only edit certain cells. On the other hand, you may have data that you want to make sure doesn’t get accidentally changed as you work on the sheet yourself.

Unlike Numbers, you can lock cells in Microsoft Excel in a variety of ways. You can lock specific cells, cell ranges, rows, and columns. There are a few sets of steps in the process, but after you do it once, it will come easily for future workbooks. Here, we’ll walk you through how to lock cells in Microsoft Excel on Mac.

How to lock tables and workbooks in Numbers

Numbers iPhone Locked Table

Numbers is a great option for spreadsheets and workbooks on iOS and Mac. As an alternative to Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers has some of the same handy features but is lacking in others. So if you’re interested in locking cells in Numbers or locking an entire workbook, both to prevent unwanted changes, we’ll show you your options.

How to view carrier lock status to verify that an iPhone is unlocked

There are several ways you can prove to a potential buyer that your iPhone is unlocked, including crude methods such as pulling out your SIM card and putting one from a different carrier inside. With iOS and iPadOS 14, you can access carrier lock status information directly in order to quickly verify that an iPhone or iPad is unlocked, and we show you how.

How to approve requests and unlock passwords on Mac with Apple Watch

Approve unlock with Apple Watch Mac

The ability to unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch has been around since watchOS 3. And you can still use this handy feature when you’re within range of your Mac. But now you can do even more with your Mac and Apple Watch combination as of watchOS 6 including approving requests and viewing passwords.

So, you can approve app downloads, unlock settings in System Preferences, view Safari passwords, and more. Here’s how to approve requests and unlock passwords on Mac with Apple Watch.

Customize your iPhone’s locking animation with LockAnim

Upon unlocking your iPhone or iPad, an aesthetically-pleasing animation brings all your Home screen's icons into view. On the other hand, pressing the side button to lock your device results in an instantly-black display, as if Apple never intended to incorporate a locking animation into iOS.

If you wish your handset’s locking animation had a bit more spunk than it does out of the box, then you’ll come to appreciate a free jailbreak tweak dubbed LockAnim by iOS developer Julio Verne. Just as the name implies, this tweak brings a bevy of new locking animations to the table, giving you a lot more choice in what you see when you press that side button on your handset.

How to quickly show the passcode keypad on iPhone X

Face ID is for the most part a fast and reliable way to unlock your iPhone X, especially after "training" it to recognize your face from different angles. There are still these instances where you have to fallback to using the keypad to type in your passcode. Maybe because your face is covered, or maybe because the TrueDepth camera cannot see your face.

Mac unlock with Apple Watch not working? Try these simple steps

The macOS feature that allows you to unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch offers security and convenience. The problem may arise when that feature doesn't work as expected.

If you have set up your Mac to be unlocked with your Apple Watch and are having issues with the feature not working properly, there are a few things you can try.

Turkish police wants Apple to unlock Russian ambassador killer’s iPhone 4s

Andrei Karlov, the ambassador to Turkey, was killed while giving a speech at an art gallery in Ankara three days ago by 22-year-old off-duty police officer Mevlut Mert Altintas. According to MacReports, Turkish police approached Apple about unlocking an iPhone 4s that was recovered from the shooter.

The device is locked with a 4-digit passcode, but it's unclear if it runs iOS 8.0+ or one of the earlier iOS editions that don't enforce full disk encryption.