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Apple & related news

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An unofficial web player for Apple Music emerges

This guy took apart his broken iPhone 4 and framed it

2019 iPhone could integrate touch sensing into OLED screen to become thinner and lighter

iPhones have actually become thicker in the past five years, not thinner


Security researcher Jann Horn publishes a privilege escalation bug that was fixed in iOS 12.1.1

In response to serious bug, Saurik disables purchases in Cydia Store

Add countdown timers to your pending iPhone alarms with SleepyTime

MotionPicture lets you use animated GIFs and video files as iPhone wallpapers

This tweak transforms iOS’ low battery pop-ups into banner notifications


Algoriddim unveils all-new djay app for iOS, now free with Spotify integration, Automix AI & more

The best pregnancy and baby tracking apps for expectant moms

CloudMounter lets you mount cloud storages as local disks on your Mac


How to create a Gmail email alias

Shortcuts Focus: how to get Dark Mode on virtually any website in Safari for iPhone

How to precisely see when currently watched video will end on Apple TV

How to access Notes from the Lock screen on iPhone and iPad

Tip: take faster heart rate readings with higher fidelity on Apple Watch Series 4

How to use a video as your Mac screen saver

How to see battery percentage when charging Apple Watch in Nightstand mode

How to prevent people from sharing your Instagram Stories as messages with others

How to find iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac & Apple Watch with your HomePod

How to create and edit playlists in the Music app on iPhone and iPad


Snowy wallpaper illustrations for iPhone

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