An unofficial web player for Apple Music emerges

Because Apple currently does not provide a full-on Apple Music player on the web, software engineer Naveed Golafshani took it upon himself to create one as a fun project.

Naveed shared his work on Reddit yesterday.

Available at in a web browser, the app requires that you log in securely with your Apple ID account to access your iCloud music library, as well as your Apple Music playlists, For You recommendations and much more.

The login process uses Apple’s official API which provides the familiar and secure experience so there’s no worrying that an unofficial app like this could hijack your Apple ID credentials.

Just click a song to play it

When logged in, you can access the Browse, Library, For You and Search sections, just like you would in the Music app on iOS devices and in iTunes. The web app makes it easy to browse your listening history, see your recently added items, enjoy your custom playlists, add items to the Up Next queue, browse your music by artists, albums, songs and playlists, and more.

The web player is also accessible via mobile devices

Those concerned about their privacy and security needn’t worry because Naveed’s web app takes advantage of Apple’s public JavaScript libraries and APIs for playing Apple Music tracks and managing users’ libraries. Apps like Algoriddim’s djay use these APIs.

Fully functional search

As evidenced by the screenshot included top of post, you can even choose your streaming quality by toggling between the 64Kbps and the default 256Kbps bit rate.

Apple currently provides a web player for Apple Music that anyone can use on their blog or website by embedding a code snippet. Apple’s web player uses an inline frame to provide “the most flexibility across the web,” including embedding songs, albums and playlists.

Browse your library by songs, artists or albums 

It’s presently unclear, however, whether or not the Cupertino technology company intends to create a true web-based app for Apple Music subscribers.

Until it eventually arrives, be sure to check out this unofficial player.

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