How to remove unwanted objects from photos with TouchRetouch

TouchRetouch remove objects from photos Before and After

Don’t you just love it when you snap an awesome photo with your iPhone only to discover that there’s something in it making it not so awesome?

Maybe it’s a memorable family photo at the beach where a passerby decided to photobomb you. Or, it could be a delipidated building messing up a gorgeous skyline picture. Sure, you can open the photo on your computer when you have time and use software like Photoshop to fix the image. But, there’s a quicker way.

TouchRetouch ($1.99) is an app that lets you remove objects, cover up blemishes, and get rid of lines in your photos, right on your iPhone. This way, you can edit your pictures in a few taps and send them via text message or post them on social media within minutes.

Here’s how to remove unwanted objects, and more, from your photos with TouchRetouch.

How to use TouchRetouch

When you first open TouchRetouch, you’ll be greeted with a brief tutorial that you can always refer back to later. But when you open the app then after, you’ll see a neat and clean interface. So, just tap Albums to grab the photo you want to edit.

When your picture opens up, you’ll see the tools across the bottom for Object Removal, Quick Repair, Line Removal, and a Clone Stamp.

TouchRetouch Options

Remove objects from photos

TouchRetouch Before and After Inside

1) Tap Object Removal and then pick your tool from either a Brush or a Lasso.

2) Tap the object on the photo you want to remove. With the Brush tool, you’ll do just that, brush over the object and your strokes will display in green. With the Lasso tool, you can draw around the object to select it.

3) As you use either tool, you will see a zoomed in circle of that spot at the top. This helps to get all of the details of the object you need to remove. You can also zoom in on the photo before you start by double-tapping on the image.

4) When you are ready to remove the object you brushed or lassoed, tap Go.

TouchRetouch Remove Objects Inside

Tada! The distractive object is gone!

Cover up blemishes

TouchRetouch Before and After Outside

1) Tap Quick Repair and then pick your tool from either Quick Brush or a Blemish Remover.

2) Tap the area on the photo you want to cover up. With the Quick Brush tool, just rub your finger over the blemish. With the Blemish Remover tool, tap on the blemish once or a few times until it’s gone.

TouchRetouch Remove Objects Outside

Boom, no more blemishes! And, you’ll see the results appear automatically on your photo.

Remove lines from photos

1) Tap Line Removal and then pick your tool from either Line Remover or Segment Remover.

2) Draw through the line on the photo. The Line Remover will take out an entire line whereas the Segment Remover will only take part of it.

Hurray, the lines have disappeared! Like with the blemish tools, you’ll see the results immediately on your photo.

Other tools

As mentioned above, you can check out the Clone Stamp option which gives you a brush, eraser, and mirroring. You can also adjust the settings for size, hardness, and opacity.

The Preview button at the top is handy for seeing your photo before and after you edit it. Just tap and hold to see the differences.

Saving, sharing, and opening the photo you edited in another app are all very simple too. Tap the Sharing button from the top and make your selection. You can also tap the Settings indicator at the bottom to select the file format, size, and quality. Plus, you can mark the checkbox to save those settings for your future edits.

TouchRetouch Settings

Wrapping it up

As you can see in the images above, TouchRetouch does a great job at removing unwanted things from your photos. And, it really only does take a few minutes. So, you don’t have to wait until you get home from vacation or a special occasion to edit photos on your computer before sharing them.

Are you planning to purchase TouchRetouch and start making your photos better? Let us know if you do or if you already own it and have some tips to share with our readers.