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The best iPhone camera and photography tips

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You may not be a complete novice when it comes to capturing photos with your iPhone camera. But you may not be an expert either. If you fall somewhere in between and want to take your photos to the next level, we have some terrific tips for iPhone photography.

How to control your iPhone Camera with Apple Watch

As you may have noticed, there’s no camera on your Apple Watch. After all, where would the lens go? But if you own an Apple Watch, you can use it to control the Camera on your iPhone.

With what’s called the Camera Remote app on your Watch, you can get your iPhone camera set up to snap the shot. Then use the app to capture a single photo or burst, use the timer, change between the front and rear-facing camera, and more, here’s how.

New to iPhone? How to crop a photo on iOS

While many people have no problem editing their photos, some are not as familiar. You snap a photo or capture a screenshot and use it as-is. So if you’ve never cropped a photo on your iPhone, we’re here to help.

Maybe you want to cut out what’s behind your subject or just grab the most important part of the picture. Cropping a photo is pretty easy and you have options to do it freeform or select a size to fit your purpose. Here, we’ll walk you through how to crop a photo on your iPhone.

How to avoid lens flare when using your iPhone camera

evening sun from Pixabay

Have you noticed spots or lines in the photos you capture with your iPhone camera? Maybe you picked up the iPhone Pro Max for the beauty of the camera and pictures it takes. But are disappointed with those imperfections in your pictures. Or perhaps you’ve just recently noticed these blemishes in your photos. Either way, what you’re experiencing is likely lens flare.

Lens flare is basically caused by light reflections on your camera lens. So you may see it when snapping a photo of the sun peeking through your window or coming up over the horizon. While many photographers use tools to capture lens flare for a dramatic or artistic effect, most of us find lens flare ruining our pictures.

Here are several suggestions for how to avoid lens flare with your iPhone camera.