The Peak Design Capture is a fantastic body mount for your iPhone or Camera

Whether you’re a camera body photographer or you simply carry an iPhone around with you to snap pictures, we think you might find an accessory called the Capture by Peak Design to be a beneficial piece of equipment.

Peak Design Capture – a handy gadget

Peak Design Capture.

Peak Design’s Capture device is a secure and versatile mounting piece made from machined aluminum that lets you mount your camera body or smartphone somewhere on or about your person, such as to your belt or to the strap of a bag or backpack.

Capture on a Peak Design backpack.

Capture is ingeniously crafted with a scissor-like design that cinches down via a set of screws on either side. The interior of the piece features a rubberized grip that keeps it from sliding down or moving once tightened.

Peak Design Capture opened.

Once you ‘click’ your desired object into the Capture, it’s there to stay until you press down the release button. You can avoid accidental presses by twisting the button 90º into a locked position where it physically can’t press down into its cavity until turned back to a normal orientation.

Capture’s versatile use cases

Capture with camera body.

One of the things I like about the Capture is how it works with Peak Design’s unique mounting plate – the same one that comes with the Travel Tripod we showed you few months back. Prospective customers can get the Capture with a plate or save money and buy just the Capture device itself if they already have a plate at their disposal.

Capture Clip mount.

The plate mounts to the base of any camera body via the Tripod mount and needs to be torqued down nice and tight using the included hex wrench. Once torqued, Peak Design says that the clip and plate can withstand well over 200 pounds – not that you’d ever have a camera setup that weighed that much… but the peace of mind is nice to have.

Capture Clip telephoto lens.

These plates can also mount to the underbelly of certain telephoto lenses when those lenses feature a tripod collar, making the Capture a useful device for carrying longer camera lenses when your hands are occupied holding and using your camera body. I use the capture for this frequently, especially when I take a longer telephoto lens with me but am not actually using it in a given moment.

Capture works with iPhone too

Peak Design Capture with iPhone.

But don’t be fooled, the Capture works with more than just camera bodies and lenses. It’s also a great accessory for iPhone and other smartphone users, assuming they use one of Peak Design’s SlimLink-compatible Everyday smartphone cases (or universal adapters) and the Mobile Creator Kit.

With the accessory combination mentioned above, you can mount your iPhone or other smartphone directly to any tripod, including Peak Design’s Travel Tripod, or you can attach it to the Capture mount we’re discussing today.

Putting your iPhone or smartphone on the Capture mounted somewhere on your person, whether it’s your belt or the strap of a backpack, lets you use the rear-facing camera like a GoPro action camera so that you can shoot point-of-view video, which is an impressive capability when your hands are already full, but you want to use your iPhone to capture video on the go.

My thoughts about Capture

I’ve been using Capture for several months and have enjoyed using it so much that I acquired a second one so that I could carry more equipment on my travels. This brings me to three mounting plates in total, as one also came with my Travel Tripod. This lets me have mounting capabilities for my camera, several lenses, and my iPhone.

I appreciate how Capture works with basically all my photography equipment, whether it’s a heavy mirrorless or DSLR camera with a lens attached, a long telephoto lens, or my smartphone. I usually keep one attached to my waistline and another attached to my backpack strap, and I’ll typically put a telephoto lens at my waistline for ease of access and use the backpack strap location to lock in my camera.

I want to emphasize that the mounting is incredibly secure. You can jump, stretch, and even run without your equipment falling. While the initial ‘click’ you feel after locking your equipment in feels secure enough, you can take things a step further by twisting the release button 90º to lock it in place and prevent it from being depressed.

Another thing I really like about the Capture is that Peak Design’s square mounting plate can be inserted in four different directions. This gives you four different ways to mount your stuff, whether you prefer it facing the left or right, or up or down. We generally recommend orienting the heaviest side of your stuff downward to let gravity work as leverage that keeps your equipment from flopping around.

In many instances, the Capture puts all your equipment in an easily accessible location on your body, so it works very well with human anatomy to give you fast access to your stuff when you need it, all without the movement and insecure feeling that comes from traditional camera slings.

Here is a short list of pros and cons that I’ve compiled from my experience with the Peak Design Capture:


  • Ingenious compact design made from sturdy aluminum
  • Universally compatible with various items
  • Secure mounting and lockable release button
  • Comfortable to put on your person or backpack strap
  • Option to purchase with or without a mounting plate
  • Comes in dark stealthy black or bright silver colors
  • Works great with the Peak Design accessory ecosystem
  • Not overly expensive


  • Knurling on tightening screws can be tough for sensitive fingers to tighten
  • Only fits Peak Design mounting plates (or good knock-offs)

How you can get one

If you’re interested in acquiring a Peak Design Capture Clip of your own, then you can acquire one in either black or silver for just $54.95 from Peak Design’s website. Alternatively, if you want a color-matched mounting plate to be included with your order, then you can purchase the combo kit for $74.95 from Peak Design’s website.

You may also find yourself being interested in the Everyday case for your smartphone to use it with the Capture Clip. If so, the cases are $39.95 from Peak Design’s website and are available for various iPhone, Samsung, and Google Pixel models. If you have an unsupported smartphone, then you can acquire the Universal Adapter for $29.95 from Peak Design’s website instead.

Using your smartphone with a Peak Design Capture Clip will require a Mobile Creator Kit, which is $49.95 from Peak Design’s website. If you’re only going to be using your smartphone with the Peak Design Capture Clip, then you won’t need to buy the combo kit with the additional mounting plate because the Mobile Creator Kit has its own mounting system built-in, which saves you $20.

All in all, it’s a very handy kit to have whether you use it with your smartphone or with a full-fledged camera body. The prices aren’t too demanding either.


I really enjoy the Peak Design Capture Clip and may pick a few more up as my collection of equipment grows. It’s very handy to have equipment hanging from my backpack straps rather than being buried deep inside of my backpack when I need to make a quick lens change on the go. Furthermore, capturing life’s moments with my iPhone as if it were a GoPro-style action camera from a point-of-view style video is a nice benefit too.

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What are your thoughts about the Peak Design Capture Clip system, and are you planning to give one a try? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below or tell us how you prefer to carry your gear around with you on a shoot.