The best jailbreak tweaks for the App Switcher

Some use the App Switcher more than others, but it can be a useful tool whether you multitask all the time or just occasionally need to troubleshoot a problematic app. A whole host of jailbreak tweaks have dropped since the iOS 10 jailbreak was initially launched, and with that in mind, choosing what to install to mod out your device can be tough.

In this roundup, we’ll showcase a hand-picked list of our favorite jailbreak tweaks for the App Switcher, all of which work with the Yalu jailbreak for iOS 10.

The best App Switcher jailbreak tweaks for iOS 10

1. 3DSwitcher 2

3DSwitcher 2 is a fun and quirky aesthetics-based jailbreak tweak that lets you modify how the App Switcher cards look.

It comes with a host of different card orientation options that can help give your App Switcher some of the much-needed new life it needs, many of which are complete with 3D animations and effects.

To see more about what effects are offered, we recommend reading our full review.

2. App Center

This is perhaps more on the Control Center side of things than the App Switcher side of things, but if you don’t really like the App Switcher and would prefer to multitask from Control Center instead, then App Center might be worth checking out.

This tweak brings all your recently-used apps to Control Center instead, and you can even use the apps in a windowed interface right from Control Center.

In conclusion, it’s like the App Switcher, but better. You can learn more about it in our full review.

3. DragMeDown

When the stock App Switcher functions just aren’t enough, DragMeDown has you covered.

This tweak adds a bevy of new options to the App Switcher that can be used after you swipe down on any of your App Switcher cards. Whether you want to clear an app’s badge, delete the app’s cache, or something else, this tweak has options for everyone.

You can learn more about DragMeDown in our full review.

4. EnhancedSwitcherClose

Think of EnhancedSwitcherClose as the Swiss-army knife of App Switcher extensions, because it comes with so many different configurable options for the App Switcher that you’ll freak.

The tweak is unique from most because it lets you configure specific drag points (up or down) for each of your App Switcher cards that invokes a different action. The lines in the screenshot(s) above indicate these so-called drag points.

You can do a variety of things, ranging from closing the app, to re-launching the app, to dismissing the App Switcher.

You can learn more about what EnhancedSwitcherClose is capable of in our full review.

5. HomeCardIconLabel

The App Switcher’s Home screen card is the only one out of the pack that doesn’t have a header, and a jailbreak tweak called HomeCardIconLabel changes that.

Making things just a little bit more consistent, it adds not only a subtle little home icon, but also a header to make the App Switcher look and feel more complete. It’s totally aesthetic, but a nice touch nevertheless.

You can read our full review of HomeCardIconLabel to learn more about it.

6. Kaze

Anyone who remembers the popular Auxo App Switcher replacement jailbreak tweak will appreciate Kaze, because it’s essentially the quick-switching interface from Auxo in a standalone tweak.

With it, you can easily multitask with a tap and drag gesture by sliding your finger through all available apps. When your finger lands on the app you want to use, simply lift up your finger and that app will launch.

You can learn more about Kaze and how it works in our full review.

7. KillBackground10

KillBackground10 is a tweak with a simple initiative: giving you a way to quickly clear all apps from the App Switcher. You’ll notice the button in the bottom right of the App Switcher that looks like a skull, and it does just that.

For the most part, iOS automatically manages your RAM for you, so manually clearing apps from the App Switcher is usually unnecessary, but in some circumstances, nothing does your device better than just freeing all the suspended memory so you can dedicate it to something else.

To read more about KillBackground10 and when it might be useful, check out our full review.

8. NoClose

It’s always very annoying when you accidentally close an app from the App Switcher while it’s playing media in the background. It happens all-too-often when you go on an App Switcher-clearing spree.

With a jailbreak tweak called NoClose, you get prompted any time you try to close an app that’s playing media. Consider it a second chance before you force yourself to re-launch that app and restart the song you were already almost finished listening to before you goofed up.

You can learn more about NoClose and how it works in our full review.

9. RoundedSwitchr

RoundedSwitchr is a simple aesthetic tweak for the App Switcher that gives the corners of your app cards more profound rounded corners.

You can customize the amount of rounding from the tweak’s preferences pane, which means you can go as round as you like.

You can read our full review to see more of what RoundedSwitchr is all about.

10. StatusSwitcher

Sometimes it’s the subtlest of things that can make the difference between “good enough” and “just right,” and StatusSwitcher is a testament to this theory.

This tweak simply adds a Status Bar to the App Switcher, just like everywhere else in iOS. You might consider this a tweak intended to cross Apple’s t’s and dot Apple’s i’s.

You can learn more about StatusSwitcher and why to add the Status Bar to the App Switcher in our full review.

11. SwitcherControls

SwitcherControls is an excellent implementation of the standalone “multicenter” feature from the popular Auxo 3 jailbreak tweak for iOS 10 devices.

It combines the App Switcher and Control Center interfaces into one and offers features that let you personalize the interface to meet your own needs. The new interface can pop up when you use either the App Switcher or Control Center gesture, which is equally convenient.

To learn more about SwitcherControls, we recommend reading our full review.

Wrapping up

That just about concludes the best App Switcher-based jailbreak tweaks for iOS 10, but if you stay tuned to iDB, you’ll probably see more showcased in the near future as more tweaks are released.

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What is your favorite jailbreak tweak for the App Switcher in iOS 10? Share in the comments section below.