iPhone keeps restarting on its own? Here’s how to fix this

iPhone on its Home Screen and the restart screen

Your iPhone should restart only when you choose to or when you install an iOS update. Besides that, it shouldn't randomly restart on its own or keep restarting in a loop and show you the Apple logo each time.

If you're facing a situation where your iPhone keeps restarting, we'll show you the solutions to fix this problem.

These tips apply to all models like iPhone 14, 13, 12, 11, Xs, XR, X, 8, and earlier. Plus, they should also work on iPad and iPod touch.

How to fix CarPlay not working on your iPhone and your car

CarPlay Home Screen with eight apps and iPhone and CarPlay icons on two corners

CarPlay is built into every iPhone 5 and newer models running iOS 7.1 or later. It lets you enjoy music, receive notifications, run navigation, use Siri, have Siri read messages, and more in your car on its dashboard screen.

Depending on your car manufacturer and model, you can use wireless or wired CarPlay. But if you cannot get CarPlay to work in your car with your iPhone or it doesn't function correctly, here are all the solutions to fix such issues.

How to fix Face ID not working on iPhone and iPad

Face ID settings on iPhone with the official Face ID logo

Face ID on your iPhone may stop working after an update or just out of the blue, leaving you confused.

Here are some possible solutions if you find yourself in this situation where your face fails to unlock your iPhone, doesn't authenticate apps, and no longer lets you authorize app downloads, password autofill, and Apple Pay.

How to fix a VPN not working on your iPhone or iPad

iPhone showing a working VPN on screen

Are you unable to use a VPN on your iOS device? This may be because the VPN app stays stuck on the "connecting" screen. Or, sometimes, even after it seems that you have connected successfully to a VPN, websites may not load at all!

In this guide, we have listed all the top solutions to fix the most common VPN issues on your iPhone or iPad.

How to fix hard drive, flash drive, SSD, phone, or other USB device not connecting to your Mac or disconnecting repeatedly

Connecting USB drive to Mac

When you connect an external hard drive, SSD, GPU, camera, iPhone, iPad, Android phone, flash drive, or any other device to your Mac's USB port, do they immediately disconnect and not show up in Finder, desktop, or the relevant app?

Multiple instances of a USB device connecting and instantly disconnecting can lead to device failure, data corruption, or permanent data loss! In this guide, we list the solutions to fix USB devices not connecting to your Mac and other related issues.

How to fix the Notes app not working or responding on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Sync iCloud Notes on your iPhone

The Apple Notes app, which comes prebuilt in iOS, iPadOS, and macOS, is an excellent place to jot notes, to-dos, sketches, and more. Until it stops working!

At times, the iPhone, iPad, and Mac Notes app may freeze and refuse to show you the saved notes. Other times, it may crash the moment you open it. And sometimes, the Notes app may not respond at all to your touches and clicks.

If you're stuck in one of these situations where you can't use the Apple Notes app to create new notes or access existing ones, the following solutions will help.