The best jailbreak tweaks for the Messages app

The Yalu iOS 10 jailbreak has been around for a few months now, and since developers have had ample time to launch some amazing tweaks for Apple’s latest jailbreakable firmware, it would only make sense to follow up with a series of  themed recaps.

In this piece, we’ll discuss (in our opinion) the best jailbreak tweaks for the Messages app since the iOS 10 jailbreak was conceived.

The best tweaks for the Messages app on iOS 10

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1. AntiSocial

One thing I really can’t stand is when I get dragged into group conversations that I really don’t want to be in. Of course, Apple offers a way to “Leave this Conversation” when the group conversation is iMessage-based, but it only works when you have 4 our more people in the conversation (yourself included).

AntiSocial is a jailbreak tweak that changes that. It lets you leave the conversation even when there are only 3 people in the group conversation (once again, including you). This means you now have a way to finally stop getting notifications you don’t want from group messages that other people have added you to without your permission.

To learn more about the unique rules that apply, you can read our full review of AntiSocial. The tweak is available for free from Cydia.


Just about everyone can appreciate a good night mode tweak that makes the iOS color scheme dark instead of light. While Eclipse is still the best night mode jailbreak tweak there is, DarkMessages is a free alternative that applies solely to the Messages app.

This tweak makes the Messages app easier to look at during the wee hours of the night. Instead of looking at an eye-piercing white background with more eye-piercing white UI, you get to look at a nice dark UI with elements that mesh together perfectly with the darker color scheme.

To learn more about what the tweak can and can’t do, we recommend reading our full review of DarkMessages. This tweak is a free download from Cydia.

3. DoNotAnnoy

Everyone has that one person in their address book who gets overly-excited when they text you and can’t keep everything congealed into one paragraph. The result? They text you like the example above, which quite literally makes your iPhone explode with vibrations and notification sounds.

This is extremely annoying, and while you can use Do Not Disturb to combat the problem, DoNotAnnoy is a jailbreak tweak that helps deal with the problem in a more intelligent way. This tweak can detect when someone’s being annoying, and it will only let one notification through at a time based on specific filtering rules, such as one notification per 15 seconds. This effectively prevents your iPhone from spazzing out, but still lets you get notifications from your friend (however annoying they are).

To learn more about the specific settings and how it works, we recommend reading our full review of DoNotAnnoy. The tweak is available free of cost from Cydia.

4. Littlemoji

The iOS 10 Messages app makes your Emojis bigger when they’re sent without text in a way that feels reminiscent of Facebook Messenger’s stickers. Love it or hate it, you can do away with them and go back to how things were in iOS 9 if you have a jailbreak.

Littlemoji takes care of the problem by reverting the lone-standing Emojis to regular size. This effect only works when the Emojis are sent without text, as Emojis sent with text appear to be the same size as the message text either way.

To learn more about how the tweak works, you can read our full review of Littlemoji. The tweak is free to download from Cydia.

5. MessageFilter

If you’re living on the edge and use the same smartphone for both your work life and your personal life, then you just might be messaging contacts from both lives in the same Messages app on the very same phone. With that in mind, you’re likely to make mistakes from time to time and send the wrong person the wrong message – oops!

With a jailbreak tweak called MessageFilter, you can prevent embarrassing messages from ever going to the wrong person. It lets you set up filters based on keywords and limit those filters to certain contacts. This can help you avoid sending your boss a message intended for your significant other, or other similar scenarios that will leave you red-faced.

To learn more about how the blacklist and whitelist rules work, check out our full review of MessageFilter. The tweak is a free download from Cydia.

6. TranslucentMessages

Another way to make your Messages app look really cool and different from everyone else’s is to make it translucent. This effect will let you (just barely) make out the interface that’s appearing behind the Messages app. In most cases, this will be your Home screen, so the wallpaper is shown.

The tweak that makes this happen is called TranslucentMessages, and it offers a very ‘finished’ look and feel that looks a lot better than you would probably imagine. Down to every detail, the buttons, the chat bubbles, and even the menus in the Messages app are designed to look well with one another on the translucent surface.

To learn more about the tweak, we recommend reading our full review of TranslucentMessages. This tweak can be had for free from Cydia.

Wrapping up

The Yalu iOS 10 jailbreak has been really exciting so far, but with iOS 11 betas just around the corner, it should be interesting to see what’s in store for the jailbreak community when Apple finally drops the big release later this year.

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