The best jailbreak tweaks for the Music app

If you have a jailbroken iOS 10 device, then you likely used the Yalu jailbreak tool that debuted at the beginning the year. While the iOS 10 jailbreak has inspired the development of numerous jailbreak tweaks, some of them really stand out from the rest.

In this piece, we’ll discuss the best jailbreak tweaks for complimenting the Music app that have been released following the iOS 10 jailbreak.

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1. Acapella III

Acapella III was perhaps one of the biggest releases to impact the Music app since the iOS 10 jailbreak.

This tweak does away with all of the touch-based buttons that are used for controlling your music and lets you use touch-based gestures instead. In doing so, the tweak takes a minimalist approach all of your Now Playing interfaces, which are now clutter-free with the buttons all nixed from view.

Because you have a touch screen on your iPhone, it makes sense to make the most of it, and buttons are just so outdated that gesture usage simply makes sense for the modern world.

In our full review, we go hands on with the tweak to show you what it can do and how it’s a useful upgrade from the stock setup. It’s a $2.99 purchase from Cydia, but if you own a previous version already, then you are entitled to discounted upgrade pricing.

2. ColorFlow 3

ColorFlow 3 is a brilliant aesthetic tweak for making your iPhone prettier to look at whenever you’re listening to music.

This tweak takes the dominant colors from your Now Playing album art and then colorizes the rest of the interface to match it. This includes the music control buttons, the metadata information, and even your Status Bar.

ColorFlow 3 works in both the Music and Spotify apps, allowing you to experience this brilliant color change in either environment depending on what you prefer to use for listening to songs.

In our full review of ColorFlow 3, we show you some great examples of how the tweak looks in both apps. It’s available for $1.99 from Cydia, but if you already own a previous version, then you’re eligible for reduced upgrade pricing.

3. Don’t Stop the Party!

A pet peeve of mine is how when you’re listening to music and modding out your device at the same time, your music is interrupted after every respring.

Don’t Stop the Party! is a solution to this problem because it allows music from any of your favorite music apps to continue playing throughout the duration of the respring without getting interrupted.

Since it works with any app, it’s very versatile whether you use Apple’s stock Music app or a third-party alternative like Spotify. A free option is also available that works only with the stock Music app if you’re interested in that version instead.

You can learn more about how Don’t Stop the Party! works in our full review.

4. Harp

Harp brings the simple luxury of haptic feedback to the music controls throughout iOS.

There’s not much to say here because it’s such a simple tweak, but one thing I’ve learned over the years is that people like haptic feedback when they do things on their devices.

This tweak provides you with a small buzz any time you tap on music control buttons from any of your Now Playing interfaces, which includes the one in Control Center and on the Lock screen.

In our full review, we discuss why Harp is a great addition to all jailbroken devices and how it complements the music-listening experience. It’s a free download from Cydia.

5. I See Stars III

I See Stars III helps you see more of what matters to you by letting you see song ratings throughout the Music app.

Most notably, the tweak adds little rating indicators to the left of the album artwork in song list views, which includes when perusing your Playlists or when looking at the Songs list from the Music app.

Because you can see the ratings more easily, it’s easier to determine which songs are your favorite without even reading the titles, which can help make song selection quicker and easier.

In our full review, we discuss how I See Stars III works and who might like it the most. It’s a free download from Cydia.

6. MusicMark

MusicMark makes listening to music on jailbroken devices less of a hassle.

If you’ve ever noticed, your songs always get interrupted when you respring your device, and when you try to start them back up when the respring is complete, you have to start over from the beginning. Yeah… a real buzzkill.

After installing this tweak, your device will remember your place in your song just before it resprings so that all you have to do when you finish respringing is press the play button in the Now Playing interface. Afterwards, your music begins where it left off.

In our full review, we talk about why MusicMark is a must-have for all jailbroken music listeners. It’s a free download from Cydia.

7. NoClose

NoClose is the solution to those who are always closing their Music app from the App Switcher and ending their jam by accident.

This tweak essentially displays a prompt in the App Switcher whenever you swipe up on an app that’s currently playing media, such as the Music app. You can then confirm whether or not you really want to close the app before your music gets interrupted.

Because this has been a problem for such a long time for the people out there that like wiping their App Switcher clean on a regular basis, this tweak helps prevent accidents that would otherwise be nonexistent if it weren’t for OCD.

In our full review, we go over NoClose and how it works for those who try to close a Now Playing app from the App Switcher. It’s a free download from Cydia.

8. NotifyMusic

NotifyMusic is a simple way to be notified as music changes on your device.

After installation, a banner notification appears any time a song changes on your device so you know what you’re listening to before it even begins playing. It even comes complete with a small album artwork thumbnail for your viewing pleasure.

The tweak works with most music apps, including the stock Music app from Apple and third-party alternatives like Spotify, and it will show you what app is playing the music in the header section of the banner notification.

In our full review, we emphasize how the tweak offers a seamless experience for the end user. It’s a free download from Cydia.

9. Spin10

Spin10 modernizes the way the Lock screen’s Now Playing music controls look by imposing a circular theme.

The music controls are exquisitely designed to offer the best possible circular user experience from the Lock screen. Not only does the tweak focus on making the album art and music scrubber round, but it even redesigns the music controls so they match the theme.

Spin10 even goes a step further by colorizing the music scrubber to match the dominant colors of the song’s album artwork, which helps in making the interface prettier to look at.

In our full review, we explain why Spin10 offers a more appealing UI than Apple’s stock Now Playing interface. It’s available for $0.99 from Cydia.

Wrapping up

The iOS 10 jailbreak is a testament to how the community will always find a way to prevail despite Apple’s rapid software update releases that try to thwart hacking attempts from every direction, and these are some of the best of the tweaks that were conceived as a result of this jailbreak.

If you’re looking for more great tweaks to go along with your iOS 10 jailbreak, we’ve also made roundups for the best tweaks for Notification Center and the best tweaks for the Messages app.

What was your favorite Music app-based jailbreak tweak for iOS 10? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.