Jailbreak tweaks of the week: Confero 2, SpecialFaces, Springtomize 4, & more…

While security researcher Luca Todesco may have retired from the jailbreak community, the Yalu jailbreak for iOS 10 lives on in those of us who made the jump when we were told to do so.

For those that are hanging onto their jailbreak, you might’ve noticed that there have been some attention-worthy jailbreak tweak releases this week, and in this roundup, we’ll go over all of them starting with our favorites.

Our favorite releases this week

Confero 2 – $1.99

Confero 2 is quite an amazing tweak in that it will let you group all apps with unread notification badges in one place.

Since badges are often overlooked and clutter the Home screen in undesirable ways, this offers a decent solution to the ongoing badge clutter “problem” that many people complain about.

It provides users with a unique interface that can be viewed by tapping on a Status Bar icon. After revealing the interface, it’s easy to interact with apps that you have missed notifications from and handle your notifications.

To learn more about Confero 2 and how it can help make your life better, check out our full review.

SpecialFaces – FREE

Jailbreakers who use an Apple Watch are no longer limited to the Apple Watch faces that came with the device from the factory.

A new beta tweak called SpecialFaces enables the Hermes and Nike Apple Watch faces on your jailbroken iPhone from the Apple Watch app and then lets you apply them to any Apple Watch you might have, whether it’s the normal stainless steel model, the Sport, or even the Edition model.

The tweak isn’t perfect just yet, as there are some glitches, but it’s still a great proof of concept that shows porting these watch faces to unsupported devices is at least possible.

You can read our full review on SpecialFaces to learn more about how it works.

Springtomize 4 – $4.99

One of the most notable jailbreak tweak releases of the week was Springtomize 4, which is the all-inclusive SpringBoard customization tweak that’s been hyped up since the conception of the iOS 10 jailbreak.

This tweak offers so many customization options for various parts of your iPhone that it’s often considered the one-stop-shop for all jailbreakers. There are more than 100 different options to configure for almost every part of the iOS UI.

You can learn more about what can be configured in our full review.

WeatherLock – $0.99

WeatherLock is a pretty neat tweak that replaces the Lock screen’s typical wallpaper with the weather animations from the Weather app.

It uses Apple’s own weather animations, which are battery efficient in their nature, and it uses your current location’s weather conditions to display the proper kind of weather animations for you at any given time of the day.

To learn more about how it works, check out our full review.

Other releases this week

BetterMessages: Brings a range of new features to the Messages app (free – review)

Brightify: Gives Spotify a light-colored makeover (free – review)

Chirp: Wholesome reminders on the Lock screen (free)

ColorComments: Colorizes each level of comments in the official Reddit app (free – review)

Contactifier: Displays additional contact information in the Messages app chat bubbles (free)

NoLockScreenCam: Disallows Lock screen camera access (free – review)

NoPaperLax: Disables the Parallax effect on the Home screen without disabling other movement animations (free)

NotesCharacterCount: Adds a character counter to the Notes app (free – review)

QuickNowPlaying: Displays alerts when music changes on your device (free)

RedditSafariVC: Replaces the webkit controller in theReddit app with a Safari instance for speed improvements (free)

ScreenshotBanners: Displays a banner notification with a screenshot preview after taking a screenshot (free – review)

SettingsPatch: Hides unwanted sections from the Settings app (free – review)

Share Anywhere: Bring up a share sheet anywhere in iOS with an Activator gesture (free – review)

TransparentWeather: Makes the background of the Weather app transparent (free – review)

Wrapping things up, we can confidently say that this week has been productive for the Cydia Store. Not only have we seen the revival of a long-awaited release for iOS 10, but we’ve also been given several other gems that many of you are likely to enjoy using if you have a jailbroken device.

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