Jailbreak tweaks of the week: MoonPhase, Pasithea 2, Temporal, & more…

It’s been a nice breath of fresh air for the last few weeks as the Yalu jailbreak for iOS 10 has helped keep the jailbreak community afloat. While the relentless releases of jailbreak tweaks have been a lot to keep up with, no one here at iDB has anything bad to say about that!

In this roundup, we’ll go over all the jailbreak tweaks that are new in Cydia as of this week, starting with our favorites and then moving on to everything else afterwards.

Our favorite releases this week

MoonPhase – $0.99

MoonPhase is a cool new tweak that puts the current phase of the Moon in your Status Bar, just to the right of the clock.

The tweak is very reminiscent of the feature that comes standard on the Apple Watch and lets you keep track of the full and new Moon cycle.

You can read our full review of MoonPhase to see what it’s all about in our full review.

Pasithea 2 (iOS 10) – $1.99

Pasithea 2 (iOS 10) is one of the best ways to manage your iPhone’s pasteboard without having to go through the cumbersome copy and paste methods that you typically experience on a stock device.

This tweak puts all of your pasteboard contents into a specialized dedicated keyboard that can be accessed from the globe key. Tapping on items from the keyboard inputs it into any text field your cursor is waiting in.

The menu is fully manageable, letting you favorite and remove pasteboard history items. You can also customize how your menu works with a bevy of options.

You can read our full review Pasithea 2 (iOS 10) to learn more about how it works and why it improves the workflow of chronic typists.

Temporal – $1.15

People who consistently deal with people in other time zones will love a new tweak called Temporal because it puts time zone information from your world clock selections right on the Lock screen.

The tweak sources your wold clock selections from the stock Clocks app. By swiping left and right on your Lock screen clock, you pan through the various time zones you’ve saved.

Each world clock shows details about the location and how the time differs from your own, so the next time you need to know what time it is in another state or country before you send a message to someone, you might find this tweak to be an invaluable tool.

You can read our full review of Temporal to learn more about it and how purchasing it can help to fight neuroblastoma.

Other releases this week

3DColorChanger10: Change the colors of your 3D Touch menus based on the app icon ($0.99 – review)

Acapella III (iOS 10): Gesture-based music controls for your Music app ($2.99 – review)

Build That Wall: A fun gag tweak that lets you toggle phony government spy settings (free – review)

CCPlus: Lets you customize your Control Center experience (free – review)

DragMeDown (iOS 10): Improvements to the App Switcher ($1.99 – review)

Enabled Ethernet: Enables the Ethernet preferences pane on iOS 10.2 (free)

FolderColor: Colorize your Folder interfaces in iOS  (free – review)

Harp: Adds haptic feedback to your Now Playing music control interfaces (free  – review)

iCaughtU Pro (iOS 10): Tools for finding the person responsible for stealing your jailbroken iPhone ($2.50)

KB – NoPredictiveBackground: Disables the background on the predictive keyboard (free – review)

Kotak 10: Makes various pop-ups in iOS square instead of round (free)

MinimalRedditSnoo: A redesigned Reddit interface for minimalists (free)

PreferMyFi 2: Lets you prioritize certain Wi-Fi networks over others in the same vicinity (free – review)

ShotBanner 10: Prevents you from taking screenshots accidentally (free)

SiriSpotlight: Prefixes your Spotlight searches with Siri (free)

Skinnyhud: Lets you customize your existing (stock) volume HUD (free)

StoreSwitcher: A way to switch between App Store usernames more easily ($0.99 – review)

TapTap Statusbar: Easily hide or show your Status Bar with a single tap (free – review)

While that might wrap it up for this week, we’re sure the coming weeks will be bringing a handful of additional jailbreak tweaks to the table that might tickle your fancy.

To learn more about any other jailbreak tweaks you might have missed recently, be sure to check out last week’s jailbreak tweak roundup. Stay tuned to iDB for the latest jailbreak news and announcements, as well as our detailed jailbreak tweak reviews.

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