Customize the colors of your Home screen folders with FolderColor

With a new free jailbreak tweak called FolderColor by Lizynz, you can add a splash of color to the folders you use to organize your device’s many apps.

The tweak comes with a bevy of colorization options for various elements of the folder interface, which allows you to get a look and feel unique from everyone else’s.

FolderColor does way more than just change the color of the icon on the Home screen; it also includes options to changing the color of the folder’s title, the background of the folder when it’s open, and the labels of all of the apps residing in your folders.

The tweak adds a preferences pane to the Settings app where you can configure everything how you like it:

Here, you can toggle each of the colorization effects on or off on demand by switching between the Default and Color selectors for each section. Because it’s broken apart in sections, you can pick and choose to colorize some things and not everything.

To choose a color, you can use the color picker to choose a custom color yourself, or you can enter a color’s hex code manually if you have a specific color shade in mind. If you need help finding a hex code, you can use this online tool.

Once you’re satisfied with your color selections, you can tap on the blue Respring button at the top of the preferences pane to save your changes.

Obviously, our color selections are for demonstration purposes only and we didn’t pick all of the best colors, but if you’re serious about your device’ colorization because you like to theme your device in a certain way, then we’re confident you can come up with some awesome results on your own.

If you want to give FolderColor a try, you can download it for free from Cydia’s BigBoss repository right now. The tweak works on jailbroken iOS 9 and iOS 10 devices.

Pro Tip: The tweak also colorizes the Activator icon if you have Activator installed on your device.

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Share your colorization results with FolderColor in the comments section below.