Let’s Talk Jailbreak 07: This relationship is over


Welcome to the seventh episode of Let’s Talk Jailbreak. We’ve got a whole lot to talk about today, so this happens to be our longest episode ever. Today we talk about JellyLock vs atom – a battle of the Lock screen launchers. We discuss Abstergo, along with our announcement of the winners of the Abstergo giveaway. We’ve got more details on Auxo for iPad, Facebook Chat Heads on iOS, more awesome sleeper tweaks, and we chit-chat about 1Password. Join us in this informative and fun journey into the world of jailbreaking.

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Abstergo giveaway winners (announced on show):

  • Plagrave
  • Joseph Schneider
  • alfonso hall
  • Wyeth Joseph Pio Deon
  • m13

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