Ryan Petrich releases his own Siri inspired Google voice search tweak

Hot on the heels of another jailbreak tweak that allows you to search the new Google Search app using only your voice, comes Activoice — a similar tweak from Ryan Petrich.

Like the NowNow tweak that we covered yesterday, Activoice allows you to easily invoke the new voice portion of the Google Search app similar to the way that you using Activator. Take a look inside for our hands on video coverage of the tweak in action.

As you can see, Activoice works pretty much the same way that NowNow works — it uses Activator actions, namely the short hold on the Home button — to invoke Google Search by voice.

The main difference between this and NowNow, is that there isn’t a stand alone preference panel for Activoice, and Activoice features three additional Activator actions — Google Goggles, Apps List, and Text Search — as well.

If you want to give Activoice a try, then add Ryan’s beta repo to your Cydia Sources. His repo address is as follows: http://rpetri.ch/repo/. Also, ensure that you have the latest update to the Google Search app from the App Store.

How do you think Activoice compares to NowNow? More importantly, how do you think the functionality of both tweaks stacks up to Siri? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.