Ryan Petrich

Ryan Petrich launches new Activator beta with preliminary iOS 13 support

Activator, perhaps one of the most-used extensions ever created for the jailbreak community, received a beta update this weekend to add the first official support for iOS/iPadOS 13 since the checkra1n and unc0ver jailbreak tools made pwning these versions possible. At the time of this writing,  the latest Activator beta is now version 1.9.13~beta6.

Project lead developer Ryan Petrich announced the new beta version with preliminary iOS 13 support via Twitter late last night, along with Activator’s sister extension, Flipswitch:

Ryan Petrich updates Activator and other vital tweak dependencies with arm64e support & more

Well-known jailbreak tweak developer Ryan Petrich made an elusive appearance in Cydia over the weekend as he updated a plethora of vital dependencies with preliminary support for arm64e devices.

Petrich maintains some of the jailbreak community’s highest-profile dependencies, including Activator, AppList, PreferenceLoader, and RocketBoostrap, among others. Many of these were included in this past weekend’s update burst.

This tweak lets you free up iPhone storage space by clearing app caches

Every app you use on your iPhone or iPad sports a base file size, but you may notice that their storage footprint increases with time as you use them; this is because they build a cache file, an accumulation of data that gets used by the app to help it load more quickly.

If you find it challenging to live within your handset’s soldered storage constraints, then clearing your apps’ caches could help you cope. Fortunately, a free jailbreak tweak called CacheClearer (iOS 11) by iOS developers Julio Verne and Ryan Petrich lets you clear those caches on demand.

Activator picks up iOS 11 compatibility in latest update

Renowned jailbreak tweak developer Ryan Petrich updated his popular Activator extension this week with support for iOS 11.

This is the first time since the release of CoolStar’s Electra jailbreak for iOS 11.0-11.1.2 that Activator received an official update to support Apple’s latest jailbreakable firmware. Notably, unofficial forks were under development by other developers previously.

CoolStar seeds Electra RC 1.3 to developers

The Electra jailbreak tool has been in beta since it came to fruition in mid-January, but CoolStar changed that this week after seeding a limited developer-only release of Electra RC 1.

On Saturday, he pushed yet another developer-only build dubbed Electra RC 1.3. The revised jailbreak tool adds support for an iOS 11-compatible version of Ryan Petrich’s RocketBootstrap utility, among other things.

Decorate your jailbroken iPhone for the holidays with Snoverlay

Oodles of people are preparing for the upcoming holidays right about now, and jailbreakers can do the same by taking advantage of a new free jailbreak tweak called Snoverlay by iOS developer leftyfl1p.

Installing Snoverlay causes snowflakes to rain down on your device’s Home screen and Lock screen wallpapers, as shown above.

Full schedule for the JailbreakersUnite 2017 conference materializes

At the beginning of June, we shared the news of a new conference called JailbreakersUnite, which will allow avid jailbreakers to meet up with one another and have an opportunity to listen to prominent community members speak about their projects.

The event, which is taking place at the Fat Cat Fab Lab Maker Space in Greenwich Village in New York City, will be like a slimmed-down WWJC and will allow participants to mingle with those with similar interests and grab selfies with famous jailbreak hackers and developers.

Ryan Petrich launches new Activator, FlipSwitch, and FlipControlCenter betas with preliminary iOS 10 support

While the jailbreak for iOS 10.1.1 is currently in beta and only supports a certain subset of devices, jailbreak developers are still ramping up for a public jailbreak by releasing new tweaks geared toward iOS 10 and updating their latest jailbreak tweaks for support.

Ryan Petrich is the latest to join that group after having released updated versions of Activator, FlipSwitch, and FlipControlCenter in his beta repository with preliminary iOS 10 support.

AutoPaste makes using GIF keyboards easier on jailbroken iPhones

There are a lot of people out there who love using GIF images as a way of expressing their feelings, and it would seem that jailbreak developer Ryan Petrich is no different.

With a new beta jailbreak tweak release he's calling AutoPaste, he aims to make sharing GIF images in your favorite messaging apps with third-party GIF keyboards from the App Store faster and easier than before.

Depthicons by Ryan Petrich & Surenix brings parallax effects to your app icons

Every once in a while, a jailbreak tweak hits Cydia that offers a fun new aesthetic to your iOS device(s). Some end up becoming hits, while others slowly disappear into the archive of Cydia's ever-expanding jailbreak tweak library.

Depthicons on the other hand, a new jailbreak tweak release created jointly between developer Ryan Petrich and designer Surenix, may just end up being the next hit, and we'll show you why in this review.